Family of Man Fatally Shot by Police Receives $19M Settlement

Published 2023-05-25
The parents of a 22-year-old Colorado man who was fatally shot by police are receiving a $19 million settlement. Last year, Christian Glass was on a rock-hunting trip when his car got stuck on an embankment. He called 911 for help, however it quickly turned bizarre when he said he was afraid of "skinwalkers" and seemed to be having a mental health crisis. After a 70-minute standoff, cops lost patience and broke into the car. Glass was tasered and then shot five times.

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  • @donsicariofx
    He called cops for help...only to be murdered by them. Poor kid, he tried his best to show he wasn't a threat to anyone. May his soul rest in peace
  • @brianorakpohit
    As a mental health worker in the NHS in England, this whole sorry story looks so badly handled by Police. In London we now have an NHS Mental Health Practitioner who goes out to incidents like this with 2 officers, it works, and had a similar approach been used here, this would have been avoided. Reading more about this case, it appears at least one of the officers was just baying for bloodshed.
  • @doodlebob2023
    never once have i felt safer seeing a cop car while out for a walk. i actually waved to an officer once, she flipped the car around and got my address, social security number, even my apartment unit number. i had to call my dad for help. he showed up and was just like what did he do? she had no answer so i was let go. all because i waved to her. i now understand my rights tho in case that happens again.
  • @rishavmasih9450
    This is truly disturbing and sad. A plea for help turned into a murderous encounter. A disgrace to us all. Those involved should be brought to task under law
  • @slevin421
    no money can bring back a dead and loved one, especially when its your own child. may he rest in peace 🙏
  • @Stormgazer
    This should never be the outcome of asking for help.😢
  • The lesson, once again folks, is DO NOT INVOLVE THE COPS IN A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS SITUATION, they'll just end up escalating and executing your loved one. Gather up some friends and family and handle it yourselves. It is sad to admit, but the police in this country can no longer be relied upon to be the good guys.
  • @Rahsuru
    I remember seeing this story in full and it was just sad to watch through and through. He and the female officer talked for a long time and it was obvious that he was going through some mental health distress. To think that he called the police to help only to give in to his fears, paranoia, or mental health issues that caused this tragedy. I just wish it didn’t have to end the way it did, and that the police had someone significant that could help & calm him.
  • @JakeSlater
    As a former military police officer in the Army, if you feel threatned by a chubby teenager, you have no god damn business being a LEO.
    I remember this and the police chief said that she didn’t think her officers did anything wrong. I remember that I knew this was going to end badly for the department.
  • @argwaves6508
    I remember seeing this body cam when it first came out. I watch a lot of body cam footage and this one was handled very poorly. I understand when multiple officers fires their weapons at someone with a gun but in this case more than one officer firing their weapon is crazy. He’s in his car, clearly having an episode. I never saw the knife in his hand but the fact that multiple officers fired and executed him is ridiculous.
  • @neon-astronaut
    I am deeply concerned about the human rights situation in US
  • He called for help -that's it...and got killed. What is wrong with this world? My heart breaks for the young man and his parents. So sad - no amount of money can bring him back!
  • @KC-fs2ch
    Police Officers should also be financially liable in this lawsuits. Just like they ruined that family life, they should be met with the same faith. As long as there's no serious repercussion or consequences besides "paid suspensions" nothing will ever change. It's past time for " an eye for an eye " especially if there's malice involving the police officer
  • @williss1192
    This is scary, what to do when Police can no longer be relied upon?
    I've been watching "Active Self Protection" YT channel, and you absolutely don't call the cops to help unless its your last resort! Because it'll just end with bloodshed. It's sad.
  • Man the dispatch lady had patience what is totally wrong with the police? He was just stuck and needed help.
    Just goes to show you, never called the police unless you think your life's in immediate danger. Even then, you should think twice
  • @ExecutivePuma
    dang im just a kid and i feel awful for what happened. thoughts and prayers to him and his family
  • @basedaudio1
    I don't feel safe at all around those guys. They seem to become more and more of a threat to us and our rights.