Woman opens emergency exit on plane for ‘fresh air’

Published 2019-10-01

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  • @jes3812
    She's the type of person who looks up and down, before crossing the street.
  • The fact I live on the same planet as people like her is deeply frightening
  • @pr0v1t4
    She is the kind of person that makes people clap in a circle to give a round of applause.
  • She’s the type of person to ask a deaf person to listen to her carefully
  • @roshnipatel2000
    I think people forget that when you misbehave at an airport, you can get arrested. It’s not the typical “customer is always right” situation.
  • @ratanprabhu4371
    I wish for her family's safety. Might be crazy raising this lad
  • She’s the type of person to unplug someone’s life support to charge their phone lol
  • @PsychoRaven
    She is the kind of person who wakes up her grandpa just to give him the sleeping pills
  • it's lucky that she does it BEFORE the plane is taking off, imagine what would happen if she suddenly needed "fresh air" in the middle of the sky.
  • @SmoshDella
    She's the type of person that knocks on the fridge door before she opens it.
  • @zoraiz4787
    She's the type of person who would sit on the tv and watch the couch.
  • It’s not even that she did it. It’s that she did it IMMEDIATELY AFTER being specifically told not to.
  • @Thatdude_Nik
    She's the type of person to put sugar under her pillow to have sweet dreams
  • @hi_champion5156
    She’s the type of person who can sell her child to buy clothes for them.
  • @jessicaguarin3897
    It is really surprising that with so much ignorance she could figure out how to open the emergency door.
  • @jojo-gx1vc
    If she's given a chance to fly to Mars, she might open the door of the space craft to get a breath of fresh air as well.
  • @nelswolf
    Bruh they need to start giving IQ tests before letting people sit next to emergency exits
  • @Sashazur
    Just in case anyone was wondering, airplane doors are designed so that they are impossible to open when you’re up in the air. They can only open or swing inwards, and when you’re at altitude the air pressure inside the plane is much higher than outside, so the air inside the plane is constantly pushing the door outwards - it would take much more than human strength to overcome that pressure to pull it in and open it.
  • Great that she opened it before the take-off
    News would've been totally different had she tried for this mid-air ✈️🎆