Quavo, Lana Del Rey - Tough (Official Video)

Published 2024-07-03

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  • this collab feels like inviting friends from completely different groups to your bday and they surprisingly end up getting along so good 😭😭😭
  • @Olgmar0
    No one is ready for my new personality when this comes out.
  • @nduvhrsa2710
    I’m leaving this comment here so that if anyone likes it, I’m reminded to come back and listen to this masterpiece.
  • This feels like Quavo is the featured artist. He really let her do her thing. Usually artists don't let Lana have control. He appreciated her presence.
  • @ToshaDCary
    No nudity, no unnecessary shit, just vibes and chemistry
  • @9trillo143
    Making a T-sign with his arms for Takeoff while singing about losing somebody close hits hard
  • @noellemcclain
    They have such amazing chemistry in this. He seemed to really enjoy her being there. Not just for her looks but genuinely liked her as a person and independent/individual woman. Very professionally done but again seems like they just melted together so well
  • @WinnieBruiser
    can they just make a whole album together this shit is so good
  • @soccerchamp81
    the fact that 12 years ago national anthem was dropped with the same vibe and she is still relevant and has not aged is so fucking amazing to me
  • @Sir_Dynamic
    5 million views in 7 days is crazy. I will be here when it hits hundreds of millions.
  • I'm so glad the world finally seeing all her damn potential. She's been rockin it for 10+ yrs now. Love my girl Lana
  • @Unouknow999
    we need a whole album for this collab, it's hard af 😭😭😭
  • One thing I love about Lana, she not sl#tting out herself , it’s just pure vocals -pure talent
  • @elli6562
    1:14 is so beautiful, could listen to it over and over again.
  • @toombs6287
    I'm so glad Quavo is stepping outside his box and doing something different. I love Lana.💪🏾😍🫶🏾🔥