Published 2024-06-09
This is our full wedding day video and we're OFFICIALLY MARRIED!! 💍 We love you guys and can't wait to continue the rest of our lives together!! We'll see you in the next video - The Burtons
Big Thankyou to ‪@Rawiceent‬ for the video footage! (Instagram: www.instagram.com/rawiceent/)

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  • one of the healthiest and happiest relationship channels since the beginning! thank you for letting us join y’all on this journey as always! congratulations 🤍
  • @jenae3647
    It’s so refreshing to see such popular influencers have such a simple wedding. It just goes to show that it’s about love. praying for a life time of happiness & prosperity!
  • That’s deep what Karla’s mom said, Kb won’t be 100% so she needs to show up and be the rest. I love that. Great perspective. Opened up my eyes
  • @SaharaColeman
    People talk about pregnancy glow but look at that Marriage glow! Congrats!
  • @jaydepenn9768
    Karla’s mom is so wise and well spoken. I even learned from her advice.❤️
  • @Tatiana-pe9fk
    She’s glowing! I think she not only pregnant cuz she has that huge dress on as well, but she so in love. 🥺😩❤️
  • I never comment on anything, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! this is exactly how I got married. The older you get you realize less is more. There’s no greater beauty than celebrating with people who have been there since the start. The ones who truly matter! Blessings on your beautiful journey.
  • @marfam8952
    WHEN UR MOM WAS BRUSHING YOUR HAIR IT LITERALLY MADE ME CRY😭❤️ thinking about how u were just a kid getting ready and now she’s brushing it as an adult getting married ✨😩
  • @aquemini33
    This is such an Aquarius move... there is something so romantic and intimate about an elopement. Congratulations to you both.
  • I’m literally in tears the recap just got me. So crazy to have watched y’all’s journey and truly feel how genuine and real of an example of love you have. A match made in heaven for sure and so grateful to witness it all. I pray for protection over your lives and love 💙 congratulations 🥲
  • @cynthiam3140
    I’ve been following you guys for years and your relationship has only gotten more beautiful throughout those years! I absolutely love you Karla (we are both Aquarius queens and Latinas too) but you are just such an inspo for me! I’ve gotten so invested in your relationship and literally cried when you guys were engaged and then now with the wedding 😭🤍 I pray for you guys to always be healthy, happy, successful and at peace! I love y’all!!
  • @veromelgar9861
    I love how they did it so little with only family and close friends 🫶🏻 we always see influencers inviting other influencers but Kb & Karla have always been so cute and to themselves ❤️ blessings to them!
  • @itsmejaz
    Baby girl if you are pregnant… bless you. Soooo sooo happy for y’all. God has aligned everything and it’s beautiful
  • @cierram
    This was such a happy, healthy wedding. We all can tell you guys really love each other. It’s all energy. I’m wishing you guys more abundance in life & a lasting healthy marriage ❤❤❤
  • @myaaa44
    OMG I AM JUST CRYING !!!🥺🥺. That was literally the most simple and most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. I’m sitting here saying to myself “Mya you’ve never even met them and you’re crying like a baby”😭😭. I’ve been by y’all’s side since the VERY BEGINNING of y’all’s journey. You guys have truly came a long way and have grown so much!! I will forever love you guys💚💚🥰🥰. CONGRATULATIONS KB AND KARLA🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉. Next up……a baby🤟🏾👀
  • KB talking about life speeding up - y’all we About to have a Baby
  • It made me cry seeing your mom doing your hair and you speaking Spanish. As someone with only my immediate family in the U.S., I know that moment of seeing and helping you get ready, meant the world to your mom. Su niña 😭🫶🏽 felicidades!!!
  • Genuinely sobbed from being overjoyed by your love and how people love you guys. Just a beautiful example of a healthy loving relationship, so happy for you guys! I’ve watched your videos for a few years and never saw a YouTube couple I liked and could actually watch them and that were genuinely good humble people. Congratulations and loved the edit of the video, you guys have made so many beautiful memories❤