Shakur Stevenson Puts On A Clinic At Home | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Published 2024-07-06

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  • My son didn't want to go to sleep, so l put him to watch the fight and he fell asleep in round 8. Thank you shakur!
  • @nemesis5045
    Tank: i put my opponent to sleep Shakur: i put my viewers to sleep
  • @Ouroboross-
    A Haney and Shakur fight would cure the world of insomnia. Two pillow handed fighters squeaking every time they punch each other.
  • Only 2 minutes of highlights tells u how borning of a fight it was 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • @mcalann
    “They’ve awaken a monster” Goes all 12 😂
  • @william629
    A lot of people may be joking about this fight putting them to sleep during this fight, but I legit fell asleep and woke up after it was over.
  • For those that didn’t watch the fight: fans were exiting the stadium after 8 rounds because of how boring it was. Of course they don’t show that in the highlights 😂
  • @luisponceart
    Commentators shouldn’t be biased while working. That guy was talking about Stevenson like he was part of his camp 😂
  • @aznstride4325
    Never seen a fighter get roasted so much for winning a UD 😂
  • @Jaydayallday
    Every round I wanted to tell Tim Bradley to shut up
  • That clap at the end by Harutyunyan tells me everything I need to know about the opponent’s shakur fight 😂😂
  • lol he couldn’t even finish him off. He said if he would have fought a fighter that wanted to fight he could have K.O him. That dude was in face the whole time
  • @Errordemn6
    Shakur is not on the same level as his peers. Would tank have let this guy go 12rds with him? Shakur didnt hurt the mf.
  • @robbor3198
    Shakur can't put his opponent to sleep, but he sure can put the audience to sleep.
  • @YunielRuane
    While in employment, commentators shouldn't be biased. The man was speaking of Stevenson as though he was a member of his group.
  • I can say Shakur has improved. He dosent move as much because he really dosent have to. He’s learned how to not over react. Of course he will run into boxers that hit harder but I think this is a great start.
  • Anyone suffering from insomnia just needs to watch a Shakur Stevenson fight.
  • @akbfye7861
    bro was talking crazy like he was finna shock the world😂😂
  • @sergio7139
    Did y’all see all the fans that we’re exiting the building like in round 8 😂💀