The Rise of Roblox's Richest Players

Published 2023-11-18
Three stories of how random roblox players turned their love for Roblox into MILLIONS of dollars worth of robux, and rising to become the richest and most iconic roblox players, by making the biggest games on Roblox such as Blox Fruits, Roblox Bedwars and Natural Disaster Survival. Super inspiring..

Like 'The Story of Roblox's #1 Game' but this time I cover more people and their massive roblox games.

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  • @Laughability
    This video just made me a famous roblox dev with millions of dollars
  • @ad_edits484
    The amount of time and hard work put in this video is totally insane. When cube uploads, he never disapoints.
  • The respect I have for all of these creators are thru the roof. I wish nothing but the best for all of these people.
  • This is the first video on this channel I have seen and just wow, it blew me away how compelling and well put together this was and at the same time made me want to go play each and every one of these games. Keep up the good work no matter what anyone tells you because you will succeed at you passion just like these players did.
  • @NotSoFancyRight
    Man, I love essay videos like this where you can legitimately feel the passion and work he put in.
  • @shantomso
    I believe that all of the well-known developers ought to collaborate to create a new game featuring abilities, gifts, and even events!
  • @ZiwanCeny
    The amount of work he puts into these videos is just astounding, and I'll be watching for your next one (and good job).
    What an epic breakdown of these incredible success stories on Roblox! It really touches my heart to see how dedicated these creators were to make the game so much better, and they made it BIG! Money might be temporary, but they've left a legacy that will last forever. Truly passionate. Hats off for the amazing video analysis! 🔥💪🏻🎮Looking forward to part two!
  • @divine-s
    Creators on roblox are really something else. The amount of effort and dedication they put towards their games is insane. Massive respect for all of them out there and they definitely deserve everything they earn.
  • I can't believe my favourite games in Roblox actually launched successfully. Like, wow, even if they're years old by now, those developers really just made those to show creativity and passion. Especially Blox Fruits. All of us will hope those games will still be alive in the future.
  • I remember playing skyblocks when it was just the 2nd update. However, the game is dead now due to the "wipeout" which happened cuz of duplicators duping items and cash then distributing them throughout the community. After the wipeout, all placed dupes or items or cash was all wiped out causing many many players to quit
  • @Minishark17
    CubeINC is one of the YouTubers I respect because he probably puts so much time and effort into making videos for us at the highest quality and I honestly love cube anyways thanks for entertaining me and you never disappoint
  • @RaidScripter
    The effort that goes into these videos are insane! Keep up the good work
  • @theastrexgamer
    This makes me appreciate roblox developers so much more and inspires me to follow in their footsteps
  • This video gave me motivation and made me understand how hardworking developers really are now I've started building my first game and grow it thx for making this video.
  • Yeah you described pretty well why I quit bedwars. I remember seeing all the pay 2 win losers and youtubers cry so hard when one of the OP kits they use goes free. It was so pathetic how mad they were that everyone had an equal chance of winning.
  • @iiimortals7688
    This video is so great, wow the editing is crazy too good job man i can't imagine how much effort u put into this, its simply amazing how well u can edit and how u can keep viewers in your video with it and the script too, wow this is a original video and its not boring.

  • @UnknownDonator
    The effort CubeINC has put into this video is outstanding! We did not deserve this but he delivered. Bro I hope u get 100k likes
  • @DummyLucca
    This video inspired me, I don't know why I almost cried, seeing how they got to this point is incredible. Exciting, congratulations on the video.