AI is ruining the internet

Published 2024-06-30
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0:00 - intro
1:06 - google
3:09 - the dead internet theory
3:51 - facebook
6:33 - twitter
9:56 - instagram
12:09 -
13:15 - sofi
14:17 - adobe
16:54 - netflix
17:52 - spotify/AI music
24:24 - AI as a side hustle
26:12 - AI video is terrifying
29:41 - what is the point of this?


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All Comments (21)
  • @imxoxooo
    somebody on twitter said "AI made me believe in the concept of human soul by making things without one." and its been stuck in my head forever
  • @rashditto6503
    “I want AI to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for AI to do my art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes”- Joanna Maciejewska
  • @BenStoneking
    It’s weird that we’ve heard of people going to jail for forging paintings and selling them (something that is still a lot of work despite the intrinsic thievery of it), yet it’s legal to completely steal the entire history of hundreds of thousands of artists and produce derivative work with zero effort at all.
  • @NicStage
    One thing I like about all of this, is that it's exposing one of the reasons that we like art and one of the reasons that art is important: It's a human connection. We like art because it's something that another person did. It's a human-to-human expression. Outside of the context of humanity, there isn't really enough for a work to qualify as art.
  • @ditto3265
    My favorite quote about AI is “We’re letting tech companies open Pandora’s box because they might find a few dollars inside.”
  • @haiiiix3
    “there really is something in how Al art cant get human hands right vs. some of the oldest art we have is our handprints on a wall.” -random tumblr post I saw a couple days ago
  • @uhoh8489
    I’m shocked that so many people are just accepting AI, and moreso that people are willing to defend it so much. Creating things myself is one of the reasons I’m still alive today. It’s my purpose in life. And, I mean, I think that creativity is one of the things that make people human. Are some people really just that shallow? I really don’t get it.
  • @cmarie7867
    The AI conversation with Livana sounds like one of those riddles you'd have to solve in middle school
  • @rroselandd
    Tyler Joseph leading me back to Drew Gooden isn’t what I had on my 2024 bingo card but I live for it
  • @gracetalbot
    tyler joseph from twentyone pilots just reposted this onto his twitter!!
  • @mintee119
    Drew casually dropping bangers like "How are you ever gonna do something for ten years if you won't even do it for one day?" like it's no big deal
  • @firebrandr
    “It would take me ten years to do that.” “Okay. What’s the rush?” That really hit me. I needed this. AI defenders: please find somewhere else to argue.
  • @bonebag1961
    Murf and Grok sound like bullies from an 80's movie
  • @Schaeferyn
    The single most damning question about "AI" that I've seen is "Why would I want to read a book that nobody bothered to write?". It perfectly applies to all creative arts in relation to AI, and you've pretty much nailed it here.
  • @GT_Mr.C
    absolutely love that the new comments are just about tyler joseph from twenty one pilots reposting this on twitter. love the clique |-/