Fiancée of Deputy Who Was Fatally Shot in Ambush Speaks Out

Published 2023-09-27
The fiancée of a Los Angeles deputy sheriff who was shot and killed in an ambush is speaking out. Four days prior to the tragedy, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Clinkunbroomer declared his love for his girlfriend, Brittany Lindsey, during a beachside proposal. She says they did not have time to celebrate the engagement before he was killed. Police arrested Kevin Salazar for murder. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

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  • @MrPro-YT
    That’s awful, the thought of losing someone is bad enough but after 4 days? Absolutely heartbreaking 💔
  • @tiredofthebs8290
    This absolutely breaks my heart. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. What has been done to you both isn't fair and the man who is responsible should absolutely get the death penalty. I thank you for your fiance's service and I send all my love and prayers to you.
  • The fact that the officer was killed for absolutely doing nothing and being innocent is such a sick act. No one should go through tough times like these. Hopefully she will be given the love she deserves. This is just heartbreaking. 💔
  • @jackiealba5421
    Heartbreaking. My prayers to you and your family 🙏 RIP, Sir. Thank you for your service.
  • @StudioTemple
    I’m really sorry it ended up tragic for Deputy Sheriff Ryan. He didn’t do anything wrong. Do evil people think it’s okay to kill someone for no reason? It’s like punishing others to suffer losing a loved one, saying insensitive things to rub it in on the upset person, and never feel sorry for this woman. Kevin will pay for this as severe punishment! Brittany needs support. I hope she’ll find someone else to be in love with a new man. 😔💔😿
  • Such a monumental loss. RIP to you sir. Thank you for your service. Your fight is over. We're living in a fallen world, the wickedness of man would wax stronger. The energy is getting darker. People should be careful out there. May God grant this woman the strength and the fortitude to bear this loss.
  • @Mishka7653
    My heart goes out to her she has my condolences he will always be with her in spirit ❤❤❤❤❤
  • To the fiancé of Brian, I am sorry for your loss, I hope someday you can find peace I know this is gonna be some thing that you may never get over, I just want you to know you have people thinking about you and praying for you.
  • @NSmith3
    He was a big Miami Dolphins fan & Dolphins honored him before a game where they scored 70 points.
    His proposal looks like the kind every girl dreams about. He put thought into it. I’m so sorry for his family including the woman he chose as his bride.
  • @InstagramCowboy
    Can’t imagine sorry for your loss I know it is not enough but my heart goes out to you and everyone who your husband knows. May he rest in piece
  • It's a shame. Not long after he proposed he gets ambushed. That poor woman. Now she'll have to go on without him. 😢
  • @RosaLopez-zw2ff
    Forever Rest In Peace Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer.✝ My deepest condolences to Brittany Lindsey and Ryan's family and friends.
  • @cassy420blaze
    This is very sad. These people didn't do anything to deserve this evilness that was done to them. 😢 My prayers go out to this family. 🙏
  • @soyandoat4106
    My deepest condolences to Ryan’s fiancee and his family.
  • @CrystalSaysSo
    God Bless her heart! This is awful. Yet, we complain bout the most trivial things. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Rest in Peace, Sir. From an old RN. 💔💔💔
  • @loso8701
    So so sorry, what a heartbreaking tragedy to be robbed of someone you love. I pray her heart heals in time.