Technoblade VS 100 Minecraft YouTubers

Published 2024-06-30

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  • @Odysseusgaming1
    him saying "i gotta go in like 15 minutes i have chemo" just hits so hard miss you Techno. Technoblade never dies, nor does his upload schedule
  • @caseycale131
    Even death can't stop Techno from maintaining his upload schedule
  • For people who don’t know who this is. This is TechnoBlade. Cancer beat him on June 30th 2022. He was a HUGGEEE minecraft legend that made millions of people happy. His last message to the world was “so long nerds”. He truly inspired other people to become successful in life (idk if really) but technoblade never dies.
  • @Decen36
    >Literally dies >upload schedule remains unaffected
  • @1.21jiggawatts2
    Techno once tweeted 8 years ago “I ain’t quitting YouTube til I die.” “Pfft, casual. That’s what scheduled uploads are for.” I can’t believe he actually pulled this joke off. That’s incredible. Imagine being on your death bed and decided to work on a video that you will release 2 years after you die just to pay off a joke you made 6 years earlier. Thats why Techno was one of the best YouTubers even, that sheer dedication to even the dumbest of jokes. This just goes to show you, “TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!!”
  • @marisimp
    "the world hasn't ended yet do i keep pressing it" is one of the good quotes in this video
  • @MeQt
    “I ain’t quitting YouTube til I die.” “Pfft, casual. That’s what scheduled uploads are for.”
  • @TapL
    A Technoblade video in 2024? YESSSSSSS!!!! Thank you Tommy for doing such a great job on getting his editing style down and thank you Technodad for narrating and being such a great dad. ❤❤
  • @demi5425
    "I was attacked by God" "And you lived?" "OF COURSE I LIVED! I'M TECHNOBLADE!"
  • My heart sinks every time Technodad calls Techno "my boy." He sounds so proud of him, it just makes me sad that he's gone.
  • @aussiesans
    not even death can effect technoblade's upload schedule.
  • @cardboardian_
    technoblade really went “Stopping at death is for casuals, I will upload beyond the grave.”
  • @Karl
    Thanks for this <3 Miss ya
  • @ariel_z_
    "But then, a REAL disaster happend" Techno: hiccup
  • @lewisfitch
    big up tommy for getting out of his way to do something like this