It's Time To Start Again..

Published 2024-06-01

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  • @DanTDM
    Genuinely so grateful for the love on this video. 🥹 I’ve been planning it for a while and only recently had the guts to release it. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to more 💙💎
  • @EpokDoge
    Dan is a changed man, he held back from kidnapping 29 villagers and making them his personal slaves.
  • @kestrelflurry
    This slow type of gameplay, no music, minimal editing and cuts, simple mostly unmodded vanilla Minecraft is honestly so fresh in this day and age. Easy on my overstimulated brain.
  • @HayIsTheName
    I was 9 when i found Dan & now i'm 20. Where have the times gone?
  • @chilaamyu3272
    'Let's listen to our village theme.". Horrifying sounds start playing 'I don't think this was a good idea...'
  • No hardcore, no speed running, no 100 days, no mods, not even any challenges. Just a normal Minecraft play through
    Dan I've been watching you since primary school and now I'm in my final year of high school, Love to see you haven't changed. Being a great youtuber to watch Edit: Okay this comment got a lot of traction. I'm so glad that many people had the same experience growing up as me when it came to this gem of a channel btw yes I'm Australian have gotten at lease a dozen comments don't know why.
  • 2:25 "I wanna try and kill a fish with bare hands." Dan exclaims as he proceeds to viciously and mercilessly swing a wooden axe at the horrified salmon, instantly putting it out of its misery.
  • @DrickRT
    love how the village theme song for this chill and patient run is literally named "Wait".
  • 40:45 "james would love this" reffering to the oddonesout spelling bee vid. Good one!
  • @Boop__Doop
    "this might be my last minecraft world ever" i was so sad and scared for around a second before he clarified that "i might just never stop using this one"
  • I’m also an OG Diamond Minecart fan. Thanks Dan for all of the amazing years. I’m also finishing year 12 in Australia. I’ve watched your videos since I was a little kid and now we have both grown up a lot 😂. Most important part is that we grew together as a community.
  • @isaackromer502
    I remember watching your xbox 360 playthrough as it was new. Super excited to watch this new playthrough
  • @yas547
    The legend of the white coated villager ...Dr Trayaurus 😭😭