I Did A 10,000+ Calorie Challenge EVERY DAY.. For 10 Days In a Row!

Published 2021-06-12
I Did A 10,000+ Calorie Challenge EVERY DAY.. For 10 Days In a Row!
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In this video, I attempted to eat 10,000 calories every day for 10 days in a row! This was the craziest food challenge that I've ever attempted to do in my entire life! Think I was able to do it? Stick around to find out!

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All Comments (21)
  • @marilynbeth5993
    This challenge looks like it hurt the wallet just as much as the body.
  • @snowman2116
    His mother didn’t teach him to “finish his plate”. No… she taught him to finish the TABLE
  • @Ibborianee
    The most impressive part of Erik is how he’s able to down so much sugar like nothing… I mean meals are hard, but sugar it’s so much more difficult to eat and he seems to down them like it’s NOTHING. That’s amazing
  • @laurenlight4563
    The mental stamina required to do this challenge (as well as the fitness portion) is INSANE. Pure grit. Very impressive!!!
  • @mahearpe4364
    This has overpassed the insane limit. We appreciate what you do for our entertainment ❤️
  • Erik’s bank: “ did you just spend a thousand dollars on McDonald’s and Walmart this week or do we need to deactivate your card?” Erik: sighs in disgust “yes, yes it was me. Just ignore any charges to grocery stores or McDonald’s”
  • @soraal_b4663
    I'm curious about the type of workout you did after this challenge and how long it took your body to get back to normal
  • @dogesmith5396
    If I had 10 days to live this is how I would go out.
  • @kskgs561
    Who dared to unlike this. This man is literally sacrificing himself for our entertainment.
  • @Noich1000
    I live vicariously thru you 😂 You eat all the foods that i wouldn't dare.
  • @itsvon__5973
    This man is literally sacrificing his body for out entertainment so I just wanna say thank u
  • @MahoganeighB
    I love your videos so much I been watching them back to back 💙💯
  • This video is awesome on another level I loved this video Erik you are awesome and a legend on YouTube.
  • @jaedavis3809
    I like how he actually enjoys the food he eats like he’s not always torturing himself for a video he has fun too
  • @dottywhl5335
    Erik: eats 10,000+ calories for 10 days in a row Nikocado: eats 10,000+ calories for 365 days in a row
  • @ryanrem5123
    Thanks for eating all these calories so I don’t have to, much love!
  • @Alex-fw6vz
    Nothing is more appreciated than the did you know facts. I love reading them