Pokémon GO in JUNE 2023 will have...

Published 2023-05-30
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Beach Event Blog - pokemongolive.com/en/post/water-festival-2023/
Season Blog - pokemongolive.com/en/seasons/hidden-gems/

0:00 - Release Trailer
1:16 - Research Breakthrough Box
1:26 - June to August Legendary Raids
2:50 - Shadow Articuno Raids
3:17 - June to August Mega Raids
4:20 - Spotlight Hours
4:55 - Searching for Gold Research Day
5:51 - Beach Week Event
7:28 - Other June Events
7:58 - Community Days
8:23 - Shadow Raids
8:54 - Seasonal Bonuses
9:19 - Seasonal Wild Spawns
10:05 - Seasonal Eggs
10:41 - Field Research UPDATE
10:55 - Outro

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All Comments (21)
  • @PokeDaxi
    I am sorry for the spelling mistake at 3:27 & for the missing graphics at 5:08 & 5:29

    I am disappointed in my lack of quality for this video & please know this does not reflect the overall quality of the channel.
  • @andrewdolan1365
    They need to bring back the two daily raid pass bonus. It would help the players that have moved on from remote raiding
  • Wish they had an opportunity to “fill lobby” when going to raids. Would make me want to get out and do these raids knowing I can actually do it.
  • @dragonlordjonerc
    This season seriously excites me. Due to a hiatus I took, I'm missing a lot of legendaries, particularly the Sinnoh. So this season is my chance to finally pick them up. I just want it to be June already.
  • @gabrieletc.2660
    YES! I will finally be able to complete my Kanto Pokédex with Articuno and Moltres!🎉 (I've been playing on and off since 2017 so never got the opportunity to get them)
  • @hi7161
    This season is shaping up to be a really good season
  • @stevenhayes7910
    Niantic making remote raid damage “boost” permanent is actually a huge W. First one I’ve seen them do for a while now.
    I was dreading that bonus going away, and was expecting this to be the first season w/o it.
  • @cr1mspho
    Thank you for everything you do! Literally when I forget things like com days, spotlight hours, and way more, you’re always there to remind me! Thank you so much!
  • @axel8912
    These are some amazing events and raids, So happy it's during the summer as well when we (most at least) can put in more time and doesn't have to overspend to compensate for lost time!
    Also dark flames sounds ALOT like Galarian Moltres
  • @angibaugh1377
    Thank you for the in-depth breakdown of all the events. I’m excited about the summer! I am looking forward to NYC GoFest on Sunday ❤
  • @mewdreamer
    The new season sounds pretty cool. Even though it was leaked early on their website, I think it's much better for Niantic to reveal all of the raids for the next season like this. It's nice to know what raids are available well ahead of time so that you can determine which ones you want to go after. I wish that they'd do that for their Community Days too, even though the trailer for the season pretty much confirmed the leaks going around. I'm really surprised that Regieleki and Regidrago are going to be in raid so soon. I thought that wouldn't happen for at least a year, but maybe with Shadow Raids, they aren't going to have Elite Raids. I wasn't able to do any Shadow Raids during its debut event, so I'm much less excited for them. Having five star Shadow Raids on weekends is potentially a good way to make them more accessible for players, but given that they pop up randomly, it still isn't the most ideal way to handle them. Something like a raid day or raid hour on the weekend might help, but they should just make them accessible with remote raids or at least give players more purified gems so that they could potentially take on these Shadow Raids on their own.

    I am pretty happy that the boosted damage for remote players is a permanent feature. That was something I always worried about them removing since it would make it a lot more difficult to defeat Legendary and Mega Pokemon. Most people would be probably happier about that if remote raids weren't more expensive. I'm still more annoyed at the limit, especially when I highly doubt that it has led to an increase of in-person raids. While I hesitate to give Niantic much credit here, I am glad that the boosted damage for remote raids is permanent and it gives me some hope that they won't mess up remote raids even further.

    The upcoming events sound pretty nice for June. I really hope that I can get a Shiny Clauncher. Hopefully they'll introduce Shiny Skrelp in the near future too.
  • @drrods6334
    I feel like this season is a really make it or break it for Niantic and the state of pokemon GO, fingers crossed it goes! thanks for the updates dax!
  • @courraffe1151
    Honestly, Articuno can be Duo'd easily and I've seen people done Shadow Mewtwo being Duo'd, Shadow Articuno is a much easier raid boss, can be taken down by 2 people but you need 5 gems each as the raid boss needs 8 Gems to Subdue the Shadow Effect and I highly recommend lvl 40+ Rock types, just bring a friend and you can take it down easily no problem
    Also I like the Shadow Raids being a permanent thing it does help people getting Meta relevant pokemon much easier in the future
  • @hhh-wh3jy
    This season shows that Niantic knows exactly how to satisfy the community but doesn't always want to
  • @cynderkiryah1215
    Aside from Johto tour really has feel like a long time since Entei, Raikou and Suicune have been in raids
    Probably could release Zygarde as well.
    And still waiting for Mega Lucario.
  • @lenaforsgren
    Great video 😊👍❤️ Looks like it’s gonna be a fun season 😀😍 The guaranteed XL candy for trading is so welcome 😍😍😍 Cheers from Sweden 🇸🇪 ❤
  • @kllshit
    im personally really excited for these events. I really love sableye, carbink and sandygast and water type pokemon so this event is one of the best ive heard in a while
  • @TundraXD
    Looks like it’s going to be fun!

    Just started a new account in May of this year; at level 34 now.

    Overall pleased with the game compared to what content it had in 2016.
  • @nebustar847
    In my opinion, I think this is a very solid and fun upcoming event! So excited for the raid bosses, wild spawns, eggs, etc!!