Woman Gets 100 Texts From Airline Employee During Flight

Published 2020-01-15
An airline passenger was waiting to board a flight when she received a strange text on her cell phone, “Hey, Ashley! How are you?” Ashley Barno didn't recognize the phone number. Moments later came this text: “You are looking very gorgeous in that gray top today.” Someone was obviously watching her. Ashley says her anxiety grew when the man texting her claimed to work for American Airlines and he was on the same flight she was taking from San Diego to Chicago. #InsideEdition

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  • @mbuvito
    Passenger: “Excuse me, someone is texting me disturbing stuff”
    Flight Attendant: “ma’am your phone is supposed to be off “
  • @jamesmills5326
    The fact that the flight attendant looked and was like, "Ah yeah, him? He's done this before."
    How did they not fire this guy before???
  • The lady explaining a simple bag tag is everything 😂😂😂
  • @wordpainting3
    The fact he wasn't immediately fired the first time for this creepy behavior is very disturbing.
  • The fact that the airline kept him after the first incident just goes to prove once more that creepy or suspicious behavior is usually ignored until it’s too late. Thankfully she spoke up about it and they listened, but it creeps me out that now he’s just a random man who knows where she lives.
  • @CocoaCola1314
    I’ve had several delivery men steal my number off of my orders, it’s one of the most unsettling feelings in the world. One time one asked me on a date and I told him no and he came back to my house and sat outside of my house for hours hoping I’d come out and even went as far as telling me how cute my kids were because he saw them through a window. It was super creepy. I moved and changed my routines after that. Now I only do pick up orders.
  • @aidenmartini
    why did they make her act like she was texting😂
  • @croma7671
    Little does she know Ahmad is a security measure to assure the passengers have their phones on airplane mode
  • @MsJanetWood
    Years ago, I was at a laundromat, when this guy kept asking me out. I told him that I was married with 5 kids. And, he said, "That's a lie! I have been watching you for weeks now, and you only wash women's clothes!" Needless to say, I stopped going there.
  • Flight attendant: "Oh that's just our complimentary in-flight Ahmad service. Its standard on all American Airline flights."
  • @kiranisacat123
    This is what happens when you watch too much “YOU”. People start thinking they can find love through stalking.😂
  • @egyphon
    Creepy usually escalates to dangerous, the airline should have reacted the first time he swiped someone's phone number and harrassed them.
  • @bigonion874
    She should’ve just blocked him and told a crew member she felt unsafe
  • @aureouss2823
    At first I was thinking “why sue the airline?” Then I remembered that they said it wasn’t the first time. So why was he not fired?
  • “It wasn’t the first time he’s done this” the first time should of been the last time. It’s creep as hell.
  • @ashpea8380
    Something similar happened to me a few months ago. Someone overheard my phone number while checking out at petsmart and looked me up online, got info about what I do for a living and then started texting me. Needless to say, I no longer verbally give my info in stores and warn every checkout person who asks me about doing so to others.
  • @jayb1854
    I love that the company says we take privacy and safety seriously but yet the other employee says this isn't isn't first time he's done it.
  • I had a similar situation as this happen.. way back in the day when you’d go into the cell phone store to pay your bill… when they asked for my name and number to pull up my acct the guy behind me overheard it and texted me as soon as I left. And that particular guy was behind me in line, with his fiancé. A bunch of weirdos I tell ya!
  • i would’ve just stood up from my seat and yelled “WHO TF IS AHMAD”