Passenger onboard flight said ‘Jesus told her’ to open exit prompting emergency landing in Houston

Published 2022-11-30
Authorities say a Houston woman who derailed an Ohio-bound flight to Arkansas was trying to open the emergency exit mid-flight. Court records reveal the woman said Jesus told her to do it.

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All Comments (21)
  • @bombaybeach208
    Why is it that these people can manage to quietly stand in lines, sit and wait for boarding to start, quietly board the plane, but as soon as the plane hits the air they start in.
  • @777educated
    Hope she gets the help she desperately needs. There are so many people among us that need mental health services, including my mother. This is a very serious issue that our society unfortunately don’t take seriously and I assume it’s because of the cost to treat these people.
  • @randyswanson6912
    As someone who's terrified of flying this is crazy disturbing
  • @Streets_London
    It’s not Jesus, this poor woman has been hearing the devil’s voice. Hope she gets treatment and deliverance.
  • @lynnjames6629
    💔😢🙏 Hopefully she has family to help and care for her to get her well and healthy.
  • @rlbholdingb8634
    Who knows? She could've saved everybody's life. What deeply disturb me is that dude's comment talking about "in America you're free, you can walk around with mental health as if he wants to lock everybody up who they deem is mentally ill". Remember the most powerful office in the land is that of medical profession.
  • @RyuukoGo
    It's interesting that when someone says Jesus talks to them we admire them ...but Jesus saying to her to open the door it's insanity .
  • @letme3625
    The pressure in this country causing mental health issues on a daily 😕
  • @lorir5728
    Is it really easy for passengers to open emergency doors or is there some kind of hydraulic thing or whatever that stops it in air?
  • @pmarreck
    ‘Cause Jesus He knows me
    And He knows I’m right…
    I’ve been talking to Jesus
    All my life…
    Oh, yes He knows me
    And He knows I'm right
    Well, He's been tellin' me
    Everything's gonna be alllllright
    :: jumps out opened fuselage door ::
  • Fine who? You can see the poor woman was having an episode, at the same time I am sorry that the passengers and crew were disturbed, it must have been scary.
  • People are gone insane, we're living in Perilous Times ( End Times)🙏🏾💜
  • @victormihai3929
    A few years ago I was in a restaurant and got bit on the thigh by a dog which was supposedly some woman's 'service animal.' I was treated with antibiotics and a tetanus shot. It all started because I complained the filthy thing shouldn't be there. So many similarities. My thoughts and prayers go out to the person that got bit - I hope they dont turn into a werewolf.
  • @normandothegreat
    We used to institutionalize people like that, now they live among us! And people wonder why society is going to Hell, Ronald Reagans fault for closing all the MHMR facilities! 😣
  • @josephrobinson9824
    I think she's probably being attacked by evil spirits or the Devil because I know that our God wouldn't tell anyone to risk their life like that because there's no way she could survive if she fell over 35,000 feet! She would freeze death before even hitting the ground if she jumped out of the plane that high plus if would've probably put other innocent passengers and flight attenndants that have nothing to do with it in danger! Pray for her!!!
  • @bustayoface
    What's the difference between hearing Jesus in your head and hearing your own thoughts?