Can we Make a PARKED Ranchero Reliable in a WEEKEND?

Published 2024-07-07
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Today we bring an abandoned Ford Ranchero back to life!


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All Comments (21)
  • @MegaMobass
    We all know PBG is going to salivate over this unit. What a treat.
  • Late sunday night, junkyard digs upload? Best way to finish off a weekend
  • @dhag72
    Duuude. My high school shop teacher (army field mechanic) had one, blue, that he actually let us high school kids work on. Something to put some pride in. That thing looked new by the time we were done. What a ca-truck!
  • @holmboy
    13:49 my coworker and I got stuck behind a parade of antique tractors in southern Iowa one time; I still say that racing our armored bank truck down gravel side roads between cornfields to try and outrun a parade of antique tractors is just about the most Iowa experience I've had whenever anyone asks me what Iowa's like
  • @grimsley9989
    As an Aussie, I can answer your first question: It's a Ute
  • @traviscue2101
    Kevin up to the point where you purged the line to your manifold gauges, you were golden. Next time, with the AC off open up your high side & dump as much refrigerant in as it will take. Then fire up the AC & finish charging slowly through the suction side. Like any compressor, they aren't designed to pump liquid. I watch the show religiously, love it. Hope this helps.
  • @bruwin
    Little tip for pouring from those cans, or from 5 gallon buckets. Pour with the spout at the TOP instead of the bottom. This gives a path for air to get in that isn't pushing past fluid, causing the inconsistent "blup blup" flow of liquid.
  • @NaimoAqio
    Adding Angus full-time to the channel has gone really well and smoothly!
  • @Canthus13
    I kinda dig Professor Angus. Not that I didn't know how a rheostat works, but he does a good job explaining it simply.
  • @keithdosik
    A junk yard digs post makes having to go to work tomorrow a bit better
  • @JoE_Songs
    0:58 This Ranchero looks so cool and seems to be in unbelievable condition. great 70s graphics. f***ing awesome find
  • @xirisAB
    Angus' full time addition to the channel has been seamless and excellent!
  • @KlisrColi
    I appreciate how committed Angus was to the task of keeping the bowls filled after the Ranchero.
  • @Austoner421
    The bed topper absolutely makes this car. At least in my eyes.
  • 27:26 the acetone that you are pouring, its much less messy if you pour with the nozzle on top instead of bottom 👍
  • Literally when you first lifted the hood, the words “Holy smokes!!!” uttered from my mouth. That thing is CLEAN!!!!!
  • @tkskagen
    More videos with Angus please, he is HILLARIOUS!
  • Monday watching in Indiana ( the home of ethanol, don't thank me, hate the stuff). Angus was sure helping his butt off this video. I guess when there's more, the tomfoolery gets out of hand. Your just working on the carb now but I'm positive this will be a great ride. Love it!