ROH Tag Champs, Better Than You Bay Bay, address their match at WrestleDream! | 9/27/23 AEW Dynamite

Published 2023-09-27
#AEWDynamite #MJF #adamcole

ROH Tag Champs, Better Than You Bay Bay, address their match at WrestleDream! | 9/27/23 AEW Dynamite

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All Comments (21)
  • @KenshinRell
    Jay White continues to be one of the greatest signings for AEW.
  • MJF and Roddy Strong joining forces and potentially becoming friends would be even more hilarious 😂😂😂.....
  • @not_ian5543
    I was worried for Jay going into a promo with MJF. But he won me over. His rhythm and cadence of speech is insane.
  • @HalibutAcid
    I still can't get over the fact is that he only had to tweak his character ever so slightly but is such a major baybayface. It's amazing work.
  • Prayers out to Adam Cole. We wish him the best on his speedy recovery. Also, that was a hell of a promo between MJF and Jay White.🔥🔥🔥 This feud is gonna be interesting, but I’m all in for it.
  • @ByzantineSolo
    Jay white speaks to a rhythm like a metronome. I think it's part of why he's so effective
  • @markdavidson1498
    Gotta give props to Jay White for recovering and gaining the crowd back towards the end. He’s a future world champ, not sure if it’s off MJF but he will be world champ.
  • @ptahhoteptmu264
    Jay White is still adapting to American crowds compared to Japan. At 30, he’s still capable of being a multi time world champion.
  • @thegame7134
    I love this storyline. They’ve taken MJF from guy who avoids wrestling at all costs to the guy trying to defend belts in a handicap match. It’s also just further proof that MJF can do it all, which is amazing given his age. His semi face turn has been the best thing AEW has done all year.
  • @ruiarruda5987
    Man I thought MJF would bury Jay White, but Jay really backed it up.Loved this segment
  • @EmyLaGargola
    MJF is willing to take the risk to keep the tag titles 🔥 Gotta give all the credit in the world to this man
  • @agmsc222
    More Jay White please! Best promo in the game going at it with maybe the 2nd best promo in the game. More of this for weeks please!
  • THIS was the Jay White I was wanting and looking for. Switchblade on the mic' racking the accolades reminding he doesn't need the help and in the position he should've started in.
  • @Rukovski86
    As much as I've liked MJF as champ, I am all for a King Switch reign.
  • @CarlosG1132
    MJF’s mic work is absolutely nuts . Dudes a genius , his talent is beating words . A true mega star of this generation forsure
  • @mxttbinghxm
    Jay White is so good man. Would love a world title run from him.
  • @RoyalSoul666
    Finally Jay White looks to be challenging for the AEW World Championship 🌎
  • @andrewmadderra
    MJF vs Jay White is gonna be a Banger🔥 for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship....and speedy recovery for Adam Cole Bay Bay...
  • @ItsWDubs
    That’s what I love about AEW, they give me rivalries I’ve never even considered