How Many Trampolines Stop A 540mph Bowling Ball? (feat. @theslowmoguys)

Published 2023-11-16
Watch @theslowmoguys video:    • 400 MPH Bowling Ball to the Dome with...  

A HUGE thanks to Craig Beals from @BealsScience and Shaun for hosting us and building the insane bowling ball jeep cannon. More videos with it coming soon!

Thanks to IGNITE Firing Systems for providing the i18 Firing Module for the bowling ball cannon. As you can see this was way better than using a normal fuse!

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All Comments (21)
  • @theslowmoguys
    Cheers for having us on, lads. 🇬🇧❤🇦🇺 Absolutely legendary day of filming.
  • @tpeter4240
    Craig Beals was my high school chemistry teacher. I’ve never had such an incredible teacher, and I’m not sure I ever will again. He’s such an amazing person, and I’m glad to see he’s still doing all the crazy stuff he taught us in class!
  • @cool125
    Me thinking it would bounce back
    Incredible, guys! What a wild experiment that was. The magnitude of the impacts and the noises was just mesmerizing. It's impressive how you thought out all the small details and managed to go through every single trampoline. The suspense really built up throughout. Keep hammering with these amazing ideas!
  • @cyphr555
    honestly going straight through the round bale was scary impressive. if you've never been around one it's difficult to convey how absurdly heavy and dense those things are.
  • @NotAnotherDouc-
    It’s almost scary how well the personalities and vibes of HR and the SlowMo guys fit together. They genuinely came off like old friends.
  • @StroalOutdoors
    When I moved to Montana, a few of the locals found out about my moving truck being delayed for 6 months. I had nothing. Someone organized some donations, and random people I'd never met starting dropping off furniture and kitchenware, with sticky notes on it with their info to return it once my moving truck showed up. Glad they showed up for you guys and helped out! Great Collab!
  • @Pilchowski01
    Kinda insane how you can find a near-20 million subscriber channel without ever knowing they existed before this through collabs with someone you know. Lotta fun, can't wait to see what you put out in the future!
  • @dudebuilt
    The Collab that we all knew we needed, but not how MUCH we needed it!
  • Everyone was just magic. The two cannon guys really meshed in with everyone else. If you had asked me before to predict how this giant collaboration would work, I would have said, How Ridiculous! WELL DONE EVERYONE.
  • @YoDaPro
    I love that the lid of the plastic box is still intact like it just passed the energy of the explosion to the bowling ball.
  • @mistermark4448
    Lol. Love how naturally several of my fave YouTube personalities come together for a 20-minute mashup of comedy, joshing around, and science!!
  • @BunnyArisu
    Gav's laugh at the piano missing the house comment was hilarious. The chemistry with all of you makes you guys seem like you've been friends for a while.
  • @user-Aaron-
    The most amazing (and concerning) thing about all of this is how consistently and drastically everyone underestimates the forces involved here. This applies to their bulletproof glass video too.
  • @Aaron-P
    Certainly this was discussed on the day, but Gav & Dan personally know Destin, who has a cannon of his own. Getting SloMo Ridiculous Every Day.