ORVILLE PECK Does Trixie's Makeup!

Published 2023-05-29
Orville Peck takes his shot at doing Trixie's iconic makeup.

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Executive Producer: Trixie Mattel
Producer: Brandon Lim
Editor: Nick Walker
Post Supervisor: Jess Stevens

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All Comments (21)
  • @OrvillePeck
    Was so great meeting you! Keep practicing, you’ll get there xo
  • @JB-nj7nq
    Orville knowing makeup stuff is like Brittany broski knowing underpaint "I'm an ally!" Vibes 😂😂😂
  • @bethseawell8570
    I seriously cried laughing at Trixie’s wig sitting so far back.
  • @katelarge4169
    Orville being this funny, charming, silly, affectionate as well as all that talent and THOSE EYES??!! He’s doing too much ❤️❤️❤️
  • @jadewolf22
    The “stop getting hotter” edit when Orville was talking about growing peppers was too real lol. He speaking for all of us.
  • @eveningmantra
    orville's music being moody and pretty sad a lot of the time juxtaposed with his irl personality being this sunny and bright is so funny. he contains multitudes 😌
  • @neurolicia182
    Orville calling a hair stylist a "hair salon person" radiates the same energy as when Trixie called a drill a "screw gun" to Brit Broski
  • @joegarcia770
    Orville being very touchy and loving while Trixie is the exact opposite is hilarious
  • @ralch9129
    The charisma, the voice, those eyes, the absence of sleeves... This was beautiful.
  • @tylergodowski
    Britney, Brandon, Nick, and Orville. The infinity stones of cursed Trixie makeup attempts ❤
  • @donnam8221
    Yes, we ABSOLUTELY would watch you do your 2015 makeup. Just like we'd absolutely watch you reviewing Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
  • @chloetryon9214
    We NEED katya to do this series. I feel like she’d turn the party
  • @Zyryne1
    Trixie getting her face beat by Orville is what I didn't know I needed. He's so into it. It's adorable. I can't think of anything other than Orville driving past Trixie's home and screaming "hi, bald!" At Trixie. 😊❤
  • @felixmakesart
    Now that she mentions it, I desperately need to see Trixie do her 2015 makeup, that would be such a fun video
  • @nikkienix884
    I love that Trixie or Trixies editor puts in peoples pictures and @'s so we dont feel fully out of the loop as well as the product images and names so we are able to catch exactly what was used!! Much appreciated!

    Anddddd can we just talk about trixie destroyingggg that water bottle at 20:39 💀 my girl was THIRSTYYY 🤣😜
  • Orville laughing all the time is so contagious, make me happy! love this guy.
  • @Jay-sn2be
    Love the chemistry, you can tell they’re real friends cause this was funny AF
  • @nattirobins8363
    Orville grabbing a hairbrush and asking "why do you have this" had me cackling
  • @lisah-p8474
    Orville non-stop laughing and manhandling Trixie like she's one of those Barbie styling heads. Two in one makeup and chiropractic session. 😂