Project 250mph Quad Motor RC Car 1st Drive

Published 2023-05-30
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All Comments (21)
  • @YouTube
    so much work went into this build, respect! manifesting that you break the record!
  • @rcfools
    This is the content we want to see. A build like this is out of the reach of most of us, so keep up the good work Kev.
  • @stevenbryant3055
    Kev you achieved a power to weight ratio of 2.5 which is insanity in the world of racing and I’m impressed
  • @TimeBucks
    This is the content we want to see
  • @metatechhd
    Even if it didn't break records, you should still be incredibly proud of it. The level of detail and craftsmanship is truly remarkable! It's an absolute masterpiece. 👏🏼🔥👍🏼 Don't let the absence of a record diminish the incredible achievement and effort you've put into this project. It's an epic creation that deserves recognition and admiration. Keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible! 🚀🏎💪🏼
  • @FutureEon
    🔧🚗 To enhance the suspension's effectiveness, consider adding square sections along the chassis to boost its rigidity. This modification can significantly improve performance. Additionally, reducing the frontal area would enhance aerodynamics. Love the exciting progress of this build! Can't wait to see the first drive! 🏎🔩💨
  • If it didn't break records you can still be proud of it, it's looks absolutely epic!
  • Your dedication to your work is commendable!!.... Lots of love and support to you brother... You inspire many people around the Globe...
  • @V8chump
    This is such a good video kev! Love hearing all the potential issues and how you’re going to solve them. Often happens in RC but maybe not 10 solutions back to back like this!
  • @backyardscaler
    You really make working on things look easy! This was definitely a lot of work! Makes me work on things better! I always think to my self when in a jam… what would kev do?…he’d get it done! Good luck! Hope you get the record.
  • @makerj514
    We really have to appreciate how good this guy is at his job
    Hey Kevin, has anyone thought of using polyurethane cylinders as a spring? I was just thinking back in the day Manitou and Rock Shocks had elastomeric damper systems in their forks (many others actually) and worked pretty well.
  • @trekkie1701e
    Kev, if you get a good 3d scan of the car I can run some CFD on the design. I think the person who really takes that seriously is going to be the first to 300mph+ (note I am not an aerospace engineer, but I do work for the company that makes the software and i have used it a good bit.)
  • @brsrc759
    Amazing build! Excited to see it break the record. 😎🤙🏽
    Best way to tidy up the wires if you don't want to shorten them, is to wind them tightly around a thin screwdriver or allen wrench. Then you pull the screwdriver out and the wires are nicely pig-tailed.
  • @burgerjointgame
    AWESOME build! I must admit I was skeptical about the long wheel base, but full credit to you for making it work - very exciting!
  • Can't wait to see the final speed run Kev! Thanks for making RC so much fun!
  • @TaigaTurf
    At this point, I think Kev should go for World's Farthest/ Highest Jump..
    Build a huge ramp and launch it into orbit
  • Something too think about is that the farther back you have your center of pressure the more it will want to stay straight, increasing that pressure would be like adding more fins or adding a small wing to the back, or you could try and decrease drag at the front of the car. I hope this can help if you need it, otherwise you can look up some stuff about rocket aerodynamics and how they stay straight.
  • @StickiesRC
    This is definitely going to make a good run at the speed record which as I believe now stands at 219mph. I think you have a real shot at it, the HP to weight ratio looks good and aero wise it seems to have handled the 77mph pretty well. Good luck!!
  • @LG-yo6mj
    This is by far the most exciting build I've seen! Fingers crossed for you Kev!