Project 250mph Quad Motor RC Car 1st Drive

Published 2023-05-30
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All Comments (21)
  • @YouTube
    so much work went into this build, respect! manifesting that you break the record!
  • @BuddyBuilt
    Speed record goes up, but Talbot doesn’t back down! So glad that i am watching these videos as they are coming out. Makes me feel successful watching you chase your dreams! ❤
  • @metatechhd
    Even if it didn't break records, you should still be incredibly proud of it. The level of detail and craftsmanship is truly remarkable! It's an absolute masterpiece. 👏🏼🔥👍🏼 Don't let the absence of a record diminish the incredible achievement and effort you've put into this project. It's an epic creation that deserves recognition and admiration. Keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible! 🚀🏎💪🏼
  • @trekkie1701e
    Kev, if you get a good 3d scan of the car I can run some CFD on the design. I think the person who really takes that seriously is going to be the first to 300mph+ (note I am not an aerospace engineer, but I do work for the company that makes the software and i have used it a good bit.)
  • If it didn't break records you can still be proud of it, it's looks absolutely epic!
  • @thepeas
    this is the type of content YT was intended for.. excellent.
  • @yoshums7970
    Hey Kevin, long time watcher here! If you're looking for the PERFECT 'helping hand' get yourself a Mag Base - they're used in machine shops a lot to hold dial indicators. They're easy to manipulate, and the arms lock in place.
  • @MrWmaginn
    This channel is the ultimate "What would happen if I did this? Let's find out!" RC channel
  • @qrisemrc
    Kevin Talbot has built a great RC car again. I am really surprised every time I watch the video. This is the best video.👍👍👍
  • @rcfools
    This is the content we want to see. A build like this is out of the reach of most of us, so keep up the good work Kev.
  • You’ve got to bond some square section along the length of the chassis to make it stiff enough for that suspension to actually work . That frontal area could be reduced a lot. Love this build.
  • Kev you achieved a power to weight ratio of 2.5 which is insanity in the world of racing and I’m impressed
  • Something too think about is that the farther back you have your center of pressure the more it will want to stay straight, increasing that pressure would be like adding more fins or adding a small wing to the back, or you could try and decrease drag at the front of the car. I hope this can help if you need it, otherwise you can look up some stuff about rocket aerodynamics and how they stay straight.
  • @cadenkorzan
    Never thought I'd see Kevin with xlx2s again after the initial flaws. Good to see he's giving them another go
  • @dvani8330
  • @MSDModelismo
    World record or not, it's going to be an epic run...!!!