The Kissing Booth Is Netflix's Worst Romance Movie

Published 2022-08-19

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  • Ok but to be fair. The best friend's "don't fuck my brother" rule makes a lot of sense He's a violent, angry, creepy, sociopath.
  • If I had a nickel for every time Jacob Elordi played the role of the psychotic, violent, and abusive boyfriend of one of the main characters in a show or movie, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it’s happened twice
  • The fact this was made by a 15 year old girl and then remade by some old man was actually crazy 💀💀
  • @kmac291
    The worst part is, this isn't just one bad movie It's a TRIOLOGY of bad movies
  • Elle’s mother is the best character. She at least had the good sense to die in the first five minutes so she didn’t have to be in this trash fire of a movie.
  • @borissand3891
    This movie could have actually been good if it did a 180 and became a psychological horror about abusive relationships
  • @sararamen2381
    Coming from a sexual abuse victim, it's super gross that they treat her being groped as a cutesy minor little thing. That sort of thing is very traumatic and the fact that she immediately forgave him and even almost got with him says a lot about the movie.
  • My personal theory is that while the main story was happening the dad found out the moms death was a murder so he has this gritty crime plot where he tries to find the culprit
  • @r0b0b0t8
    The movie implies that Lee doesn't want Elle dating Noah because he's insecure, but if his IMMEDIATE reaction to seeing Elle hurt was that Noah did it... I think there's another reason why
  • @MoonWielder
    This movie is the entire embodiment of a cliche. The only part missing is the best friend falling in love with her.
  • i love how lee's immediate reaction to the cut on her face was “NOAH DID YOU FUCKING DO THAT” like man KNOWS that he’s the type of person to do that
  • @tigertalk1222
    i keep getting hung up on the "grinding coochies" thing. Did no one in the entire production of this know what coochie means.
  • @abbathahoe
    It’s so gross how the movie breezes by how elle tried to go out with a guy who literally just assaulted her
  • Noah slamming his hand on the hood of that car is genuinely terrifying like girl GET OUT OF THERE
  • I love how in almost every other movie, a man slamming his hand on the hood or roof of his car as he shouts at a woman to "GET IN THE CAR!" is universally recognized as a massive red flag. Meanwhile, this movie is like "Oooooh, he be so passionate! What a catch! <3" You can tell this story was originally written by a young teen who didn't know any better, but what's the excuse of the grown-ass adults who decided that, yes, this needs to be a movie and, no, we're not gonna make any changes to these worrying behavioral issues.
  • @AnimEdits-_-
    Fun fact: going near the Hollywood sign is extremely illegal , usually the closest you can ever get to it is if you're above it on the hill, you can absolutely be arrested for being infront of it, sometimes even police officers are there to guard the sign incase anyone tried to go up and vandalize lr loiter near the sign, so if this movie was realistic Elle and Noah would be arrested and the credits would play
  • Since everyone else is already talking about the red flags, I’ll just take a moment to appreciate the hilarity of the Abraham Lincoln and Booth joke
  • @naniwaluckybi
    Why is no one talking about the Abe Lincoln joke Danny made about how "he hasn't had good luck with booths in the past"? That joke was singlehandedly better than the entirety of the Kissing Booth trilogy.
  • @Ragdoll161
    Another big issue is that, just from what I've seen here and Cinema Therapy, it's implied that Noah has likely hurt Lee in the past Like, since they were kids, Lee was adamant about keeping Elle out of a relationship with him, probably because it would be weird, and because he's proven to be extremely violent and controlling for no reason. He sees Elle injured and immediately assumes that he did it and manipulate her to lie for him Like- doesn't it feel like that may have happened when they were kids? Noah hurt Lee and convinced him to lie to their parents about it. To everyone. And now Lee has to watch him date his best friend, anxious that it's gonna go bad
  • @zbynekwonders
    This movie reads like a story about a touch-starved teenage girl who doesn’t have a positive female figure in her life to help her understand how to live life as a woman, and a pair of abusive codependent brothers who can’t adjust to life outside of their home because their absent parents essentially forced them to care for and punish eachother to compensate for the lack of ANY adult role models in their lives. Noah is an abuser, but he’s also a victim. Lee is a victim, but he’s also an abuser. Elle is just a victim who’s being forced to believe she’s an abuser.