Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me [Official Music Video]

Published 2023-11-09
Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me
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All Comments (21)
  • @hiphopdx
    Jack is out here having fun and enjoying the fruits of his labor, love to see him winning
  • @CG5
    I am so addicted to this song.
  • He sampled a 90s R&B singer from Detroit called Cadillac Dale for this & gave him his first ever charting song, so big ups to Jack for that!
  • @danbull
    not normally my type of track but this is my type of track
  • @ALIZAY851
    With every release, Jack Harlow never fails to astonish us with his musical artistry, consistently delivering Authentic views as the forge for unfiltered talent, echoing across the rhythmic cultural landscape. It stands as the genuine epicenter where artists carve their paths to greatness. My man adeptly harnessed its potential.
  • @Azerrz
    This is like a modernized version of Confetti Jack I fuck with it!
  • Man I remember jamming him back in like 2016-17. He really came a long way and I always knew he would
  • @zoevenske
    whoever chose this sample, jack, a songwriter, producer had it in the vault, whoever, i love them. never heard it but i’m glad i’m able to now. i respect old music being brought back. it feels different, more soulful
  • @babaejr
    This is going to be one of those beats that’ll end up being timeless.
  • The day this video was released was the day my daughter was born. I’ll never forget it. Now we sing to it! This song and “Clover Cage - Warr Is Only Won With Love” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you 💕😊
  • @ShotsAnimals
    A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies😻
  • I don't care what anybody says.... He is so fine and that curly hair 😍 My God.. I've been walking around singing I'm vanilla baby for about a week now 😂😂
  • @southernakrs9719
    Expect more of this 90s style rap this summer! It’s the new trend 💯
  • @faithlee2523
    With every release Jack Harlow continues to astound us with his music, always delivering 🔥🎶🙌🏼 Authentic views the crucible for unfiltered talent, reverberates across the rhythmic cultural landscape. The true epicenter where artists carve out paths to greatness. My man intelligently utilised it.
  • @XHERRY.
    Love the 90's influence on this song🐐
  • @MzKari
    Love that these 90 beats are coming back!
  • @SnowFlower2022
    This is just something you listen to when getting ready and sing along to smiling cause of how good and a vibe it is
  • @renattagriego
    This song will single handedly get me through my seasonal depression this winter 💃