4 Days Camping in a Small Car - Vintage Volkswagen Beetle

Published 2024-07-07

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All Comments (21)
  • I'm actually the one that took your order over the phone- thank you for shouting us out the owner is super pumped haha. Glad you didn't get any bears, that area has black bears relentlessly.
  • @YouTube
    camping in a car is an adventure in it of itself!
  • @geekahertz
    Holy shit! I was camping across the street from that rig when you were at Eagle River! I even saw the pizza guy make a stop at your site. 😂 If I would have recognized you I would have been another annoying person asking to take pictures lol. Great video!!
  • Mav's commentary and humor in all of his videos really makes the difference. He's absolutely a very unique and awesome human being.
  • Shout out to Andrew and Donald. That's why I love traveling, to find people like those dudes.
  • @GohanKanor
    I'm very happy that this video is out. The kids and I were really sorry we missed you, but my husband was able to meet you at the store! We appreciate you returning to Alaska! You are really welcome here 🏏
  • Roll a joint , kick back relax and enjoy another episode of Mav…when are we going to see more of your renoveted bug ??
  • @vjm1639
    my ex-husband bought me my first car after we got married in the late 70s....a 1969 VW Beetle with fender flares and wide tires. He also gave me the book "The Idiot's Guide to Volkswagens" and all the parts to give it a tune-up and had me do it myself. I loved that car....even though it needed repairs more than it ran. I just got back from Alaska about 3 weeks ago and I already want to go back.
  • @Hinch55
    I instantly wanted that Beetle. I had one in the 70s in Florida that had a sticking throttle cable -- so I just drove bare-footed so I could hook my toes over the top of the pedal to pull it back up.
  • I learned to drive a stick in my boyfriend’s 73 beetle. That was 42 years and 4 kids ago!! He bought me my own a few years back. ❤❤
  • When I was in Alaska I watched a baby grizzley climb a 60 foot tree in about 10 seconds. They would easily get into that rooft top tent and probably before you could even realize what was going on. Do not underestimate the bears or moose there. They will make you regret it. Stay safe Mav
  • @J.Benson
    After watching this again & then finishing watching Kyle refurbing his VW van over on Trout & Coffee that the memory FINALLY clicked as to why I kept feeling like I so totally knew that sound of the car you were driving. Yup. Bam. The old church youth group leader had a VW van. He hauled us kids all over for singing & stuff. White top, brown bottom. A 70s something. DELIGHTFUL memories. Thanks buddy.
  • Mav, with your professed love of Spam you should really make a trip to Austin to visit the Spam museum. Not your typical area of Minnesota to be in, but might be worth a trip.
    That was a mentally stimulating vacation! Regards, Mav
  • @MonikTewio
    I adore these videos so much, man. feels so comfortable! Living in a tiny country, I find this to be rather fascinating.
  • @ToshaDCary
    That beetle looks soo cool ngl, it looks like its been well maintained. I would drive that in all honesty.