Woman goes viral after for refusing to switch seats with fellow mom on flight | GMA

Published 2023-07-21
Tammy Nelson, a mom of 3, tells the story of why refused to give up her window seat for a middle seat for another mom to sit next to her kids.

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  • @maxpayne7419
    The fact she was sitting in your seat before she had even asked tells you everything you need to know about her character.
  • @ruidias6333
    I was once asked by a guy to swap my prepaid aisle seat with a middle seat so he could sit with his girlfriend. I said “sure…for fifty bucks” which is about what I paid for the pre-selection. He said that was ridiculous and after a little back and forth he called me a sucker for paying it. I just said I’m the sucker sitting next to your girlfriend and you’re the guy who just confirmed it’s not worth fifty bucks.
  • That woman could have paid to sit with her kids. It’s not your responsibility to give up your selected seat.
  • @yvettetorres7829
    This lady didn't need to explain to us why she wanted the window seat she paid for. The gall and entitlement of people to just do whatever they want these days is incredible.
  • @SWog617
    This woman owes nobody an explanation for why she wanted to sit in the seat she picked and paid for.
  • @TarenaD
    I'm a mother, and I'm glad this woman stood her ground.
  • @vikingkitesurf
    Lack of preparation on her part doesn't constitute an emergency on your part. Good for you sticking up for yourself.
  • @matts9345
    Can say with 100% certainty that the mother's teens were overjoyed not to have to sit next to their mother.
  • @latebloomer7191
    News flash: you don't need a reason to actually use the seat you booked. And, it's just rude to purposely sit in a seat that's not yours.
  • @uke7084
    Her kids didn't need her. Teens usually appreciate space from their parents. This poor woman on 90 minutes of sleep having to deal with this.
  • @baby.nay.
    As a daughter of a mom who would do this …. Some people are absolutely booking separated seats like this many months in advance to save $ and banking on someone switching seats with them . Literally almost every flight I had with my mom. One time someone refused and I got to sit alone it was so nice lol
  • @c00mgoblin
    “Your poor planning does not constitute an emergency for me.” It’s shocking how often people’s jaws fall open.
  • She encountered a person who gets her way and she stood up for herself... good for her.
  • The same thing happened to me last week, I had booked the window seat as I always do, for the same reasons as this very nice, sane lady. A mother was completely embedded into my seat and the whole row with her children, reluctantly I informed her that she was in my seat, she said oh it’s ok you can have mine, (middle seat the row behind) she had also taken somebody else’s seat for one of children. She refused to move and caused utter mayhem when she finally did. I normally give in, but her sense of entitlement was overwhelming. :(
  • @user-oj1cy9me4x
    You did the right thing. She knew exactly what she was doing. That situation is on her for not booking the flight enough in advance to get three seats together.
  • Why do people automatically think because they have kids they have some kind of privilege? Good on you girl you deserve your seat I hope you got some rest.
  • @lizmc.1031
    As a single woman I am so sick and tired of people expecting me to sacrifice my well being just because I do not have children or a spouse. I am still important, I still matter! Too bad for the Mum, but it wasn’t the ladies responsibility to abide by the moms wishes! She should have planned better for her trip!
  • @bitjockey6265
    A lady asked me to change seats so she could sit with her daughter. I said yes. Turns out the daughter was 16 years old who could function perfectly well without her mom for 6 hrs while in school. They laughed and giggled for 3 hours while I sat in a non-reclining seat, back of the plane, next to the toilet. That lady killed the chances of me ever falling for that lame ploy ever again.
  • Was a flight attendant for many years. I’ve seen this a million times. You just can’t take another seat. Great if someone helps you but it belongs to the people who purchase it