Trying Gymnastics Most Impossible Exercises!

Published 2023-11-19
Trying Gymnastics Most Impossible Exercises!

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All Comments (21)
  • @NaiNakhoul
    I love you Britt,your so capable and do everything to make us smile,so excited for more amazing videos!❤
  • This was awesome, looks like you guys just legitimately had a great time messing around in the gym!
  • @johnbrannigan02
    Britt I hope you are having a great day, I absolutely love this video. I already know that Anna is an incredible competitor against you and Drew . 😅 . I appreciate you always,keep up the amazing work
  • @NiniDudi13
    Britt,drew and Anna are so talented in sports and gymnastics!!!🎉
  • @suju-7343
    Britt and Anna are so flexible that I was trying to do one of their flexibility tricks and I failed 😂😂
  • Britt has some of the best cheerleading moves
    Anna has the best contortion moves
    Drew has some of the most epic fails 🤣😅🤪
  • @TapiocaStar
    Hi Britt! I love your videos!❤ can you do a how to do front walkover and back walkover and tips for how to hold a longer handstand video? I love your flexibility and tumbling! You are my favourite cheerleader ever!
  • Power: my favorite part of this was when you did the splits on the bar and then landed on the Matt seeing Drew try it was funny . I love when you film videos with Anna she is amazing keep up the great work 🤍😁
  • Bro I woulda slayed at Drew’s beam routine cause literally both of the tricks are in my routine 😂
  • I love how all of them have different abilities and have great energy and vibe.
  • @AmiviKate
    I adore you so much, Britt, and I hope to be in gymnastics like you someday.
  • @Athena_Tiger_
    Great video! I enjoyed watching it so much❤ Hope you'll reach 1M subscribers soon!
  • @jonpotson
    OMG! Brit and Drew I love your vids! I wish I was flexible like Brit and I wish I could flip like Drew! Have an amazing day like you two ❤😊
  • I hope one day I can be in gymnastics like you I love you so much Britt ❤
  • @preppyvibes._
    Power! I love when britt did her tumbling pass on floor and anna did something completely different 😂😂