The Sketch Situation is Sad

Published 2024-07-08

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  • “i did not have sexual relations with that man” “im just kidding i did” is a banger way to start a response to this situation lmao
  • @novAviator01
    “Elephant in the room I got a haircut” is goated
  • @thepenguin9
    "I'm a journalist and I think it's in the public interest that my stalking efforts be known publicly. You can also hear me smiling as I say this because I'm having fun"
  • @OMoney45
    As a journalism student, the dude that posted the video clearly skipped all of his ethics courses (and probably his writing courses too)
  • @WyattUTFT
    Faze Banks being in the news for being a decent human being was not on my bingo card.
  • @cyanlol.
    If he had a straight OnlyFans this would have made news for a day and then everyone would have forgotten about it.
  • @GraceW-jx3ll
    Ngl I had a general negative opinion of faze but really glad they prioritised their friend and were there fully to defend and support him
  • @wilduni1574
    The fact this man is getting canceled for being gay is crazy
  • @nicklieb2931
    Damn near cried when he said “if I was home alone, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now”
  • @BriannaP-p7s
    it breaks my heart that he felt that he had to apologize for being gay. it hurts seeing him feeling this way
  • "I did not have sexual relations with that man" The Clinton defense is timeless 😂
  • @Beefpiston27
    There’s literal porn stars on Twitch. People are just using this as an excuse to be homophobic.
  • I don't really know this guy, but I'm still glad he's got a lot of people in his corner. I can't even imagine how embarrassed and exposed he feels, some complete stranger just ripped away a bandage-curtain hiding it from the world, without warning. And huge props to his friend who messaged him, Sketch was probably thinking of ending it at that moment. People suck sometimes, but thankfully there's also people who love us.
  • @Wroredko
    I'll never understand the hypocrisy of folks who consume porn and then criticize others who produce it.
  • Dude who leaked this story is a POS, and that's all there is to it. There's no justification of him outing Sketch..period. I'm really glad that he has good friends to support him
  • @KiryokuYT
    Sketch should not feel like he has to apologize for anything whatsoever. He did not do anything wrong, he does not have any flaws. He does not have skeletons in his closet, he does not need to work on being a better person. It's so sad that someone cannot be themselves because from the fear of backlash from their own community. It's just heartbreaking.
  • 'you are the daily mail of journalism' has to be the most accurate way to describe this guy