‘Karen’ on Plane Appears to Punch and Spit on Passenger

Published 2021-12-28
A passenger who was allegedly punched and spat on by a woman who he calls a “Karen” on a recent Delta flight is speaking out to Inside Edition. Russell Miller, 69, said that he was hit and spat on by a woman who argued with him about masks after he called her a mean name. The suspect, realtor Patricia Cornwall, was arrested by the FBI upon landing. Cornwall used to be a Raiderette cheerleader and a former actress who appeared on “Married With Children” and “Baywatch” under the name Patty Breton.

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  • It must be pretty humiliating that an elderly man calls you a "Karen".
  • @Scramify
    3 great things about this.

    • The guy is 69 years old
    • This guy knows what the definition of a Karen is
    • She says to mask up when she doesn’t even have a mask up on her herself.
  • @drew703
    This man is a hero simply for calling her Karen. What a legend 😂
  • @nonnie8388
    Who the hell cares what “Karen “ did or didn’t do in her past, present or future. She is an obviously rude, disrespectful, arrogant, mean, ignorant, self entitled, just horrible inhuman being. Ban her from flying, and I sure hope the gentleman pressed every charge he possibly could against her and the court followed through.🤬
  • The old man needs to be protected at all costs. He’s a legend.
  • Imagine being a former cheerleader and actress, only for your career to end up having an elderly man call you a Karen.
  • @NoNameX_X0
    This man just got the whole internet’s respect, and i’m all for it.
  • @HelperBot
    I love how he said:

    “Now you’re double going to jail!”
    It doesn’t make sense, but it’s funny.😂
  • @jayla7700
    This lady is very lucky that this man didn't call her a "b****" or do something worse like hit her back. He just called her a Karen because at the very least, that is what she's being. Shows you what a nice person he really is.
  • @SiaLaterZ
    She has a crazy look in her eyes. Imagine how she behaves in the privacy of her little world.
  • @AnonymousGuy1
    You know it’s already bad enough when a kid calls you a Karen but when an elderly man now that’s a different story
  • The fact that this gentleman called her a “Karen” truly made my day
  • @ronzilla3296
    The sheer arrogance of this despicable woman to demand that he put his mask on while she has hers off is astounding
  • @xyPERSON
    This realtor and former actress is a prime example of what happens to a person when their entire life has been about entitlement and never being held accountable for their actions and choices.
  • Full respect for that man for stepping up to her. I’m glad she has been punished for her actions. Hope she gets some mental health fixed.
  • I like how the male flight attendant is trying to use the beverage carts and push her away 🤣
  • @mig1017
    Respect to this old gentlemen. The fact that he used the term Karen on her elevates him to legendary status. Hope he gets compensation.
  • I’ll never understand the level of entitlement you feel to do something like this
  • @savannahg5019
    “Now you’re double going to jail”

    Period. I’m so sorry this happened to him