Child Screams For Most of 8-Hour Long Flight

Published 2018-02-14
We've all been in the situation of flying with a fussy child or sitting next to one on a plane. Just last week this mom got national attention when she was kicked off a United Airlines flight because her baby was crying. The Vancouver-bound plane carrying Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood and her son hadn't even taken off when the trouble began. Sarah admits little Sebastian was screaming loudly. #InsideEdition

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  • @abhiazeshan3444
    Imagine your kid being so annoying that he ends up on the news.
  • @amyabbott454
    As a mother of 3 boys, this is completely unacceptable! Get your child under control!
  • @Tommy_Tatertot
    That child has NEVER once in his life been disaplined. I GUARANTEE IT!
  • @AidanDotDash
    “can you turn on wi-fi so i can give him his ipad” that’s all we need to know about how this child is raised
  • @GandaraVideos
    Just listening to the kid screaming for three seconds is already having me climb up the walls. Reminds me of kids in stores throwing tantrums.
  • @karasmith576
    So when she says “behavior problems” she really means “I’ve never disciplined my child nor I ever will.”
  • @JG-kf5yw
    I would understand a baby crying but this is unacceptable. Nobody wants to hear that for 8 hours.
  • @TJSaw
    This kid is going to be disciplined by someone other than his mom one fine day.
  • @Very-old-man
    My younger brother once screamed like this on the plane before the flight and my dad took my little brother off the plane and back home. Me and my sister and mother all went on the holiday and my little brother had to stay home with my dad for the week. 😂 He learnt his lesson.
  • @golden-63
    A prime example of never telling a child no.
  • @KyleHamel
    Literally just watching this video is agonizing. I can't imagine what that flight would be like.
  • @derkong7114
    Flew recently with a young child and mother right behind me... The mom was fantastic. Kept control of her kid and kept her occupied. The few outburst were quickly silenced. Great mom. I even said so to her when we landed....
  • @ai_mys
    Tell the child to “Play Outside” and you’re all good
  • @MichalisG1821
    As someone who regularly flies trans-Atlantic flights, I have a seething rage towards children and parents like this. There has to be a legal penalty of some kind for this mother.
  • @adriann3471
    I wouldn’t be able to resist just screaming back at him 😭
  • I’m surprised nobody else stepped up to PARENT that child. That’s INSANE
  • When my son started flying with me, he was 1. I would always fly the late night flights so he could sleep through the trips and try to get the seats for only us so he had space to move around. The passengers always appreciated how quiet he was and always applauded him for being such a good little egg. He did have his moments but i always figured out how to calm him down quickly. If she knows her kid cannot fly without disturbing the flight, she shouldn't be flying with him until he can. That was irresponsible and wreckless, & potentially dangerous.
  • @mecme8350
    My 2 have flown since they were weeks old. As they grew, we took toys, books, colouring stuff, snacks. When they were big enough, they were allowed to choose a magazine from the shop to be saved especially for the flight. We stuck stickers on the seat in front (they were always told not to push or disturb the person in the seat) and removed them near the end of the flight. We had lots of compliments about their behaviour, with one lady saying she would tell her daughter how easy it was to have well behaved children on a flight, as her grandchildren were allowed to do what they wanted so they had stoppped going on holiday with them.
  • @sampeli8375
    This kid could carry the monsters inc universe on his shoulders
  • There is nothing worse than a parent who takes 0 accountability for his/her child and the way they behave. “Behavioural problems” or just a case of an entitled child screaming at the top of his lungs.