I CHEATED in Nick EH 30's Chapter 1 Hide & Seek!

Published 2023-11-19

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All Comments (21)
  • Can we just talk about how he forgot about the guy he was saving till top ten 😂
  • @Clash.7
    You never disappoint us with your content CourageJD ❤
    And I like when Courage does this to youtubers
    "hey nick guess what"
    "I'll tell you later" that always puts a smile on my face ❤
    You have inspired me to start my own youtube chanel so thank you CourageJD ❤
  • I have never heard nick say something so rude before 😂😂 keep up the work nick and courage
  • @CeoFragz
    courage ate the chapter 4 map💀

    this got more likes than my videos💀
  • @swagg_37
    this video was so great!! i always love nick and courage collabs🤝🔥🗣️
  • @MaxW40
    I love how Courage just made himself a YouTube short by asking Nick his top 5 YouTubers 😂😂
  • @taj2650
    nick you’re such a g. nobody has your determination or effort, just subbed!
  • the person nick killed at 9:33 was the person that was supposed to get a free pass til top 10
  • @simplykeira
    we all know even if courage won nick would have just said “a… curse… word”
  • Thank you for these vids courage I can’t wait for the next one😀
  • I love when courage always does this to YouTubers
    He goes hey nick guess what
    Nick what
    Courage says I tell you later
  • nick eh 30 suing speed isnt something expected but isn’t exactly unexcepted yk
  • thank you for breaking your promise of being family friendly forever jack. (he never said it at the end.) yay. shhhhh don't tell nick.