My $21,379 Dream Table Build

Published 2024-06-09
My $21,379 Dream Table...

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All Comments (21)
  • @amberrosen
    I’m a 27 year old mom with zero workshop experience but I very much enjoy watching these videos every week. Keep up the awesome work, John & team!
  • @JoshuaJAD
    The John and Sam chemistry is feeling a lot stronger since the whole turn around a couple videos ago. Great to see guys keep up the good work
  • @pierpalicious
    0% chance you'll read this comment since you have a bajillion subscribers. But, when gluing veneer, I've found that using epoxy as your adhesive can help with the moisture issues. PVA glue is water based, so it introduces water to the veneer, which causes uneven moisture and curling/cupping/twisting.
  • @jerrymooney3616
    Thank you for the information and video I have been looking for, unfortunate for 48 YEARS! Yes, 48 years. On our 1976 honeymoon we [okay, I] bought 2 LARGE Redwood burls from a roadside wood yard in Sausalito, CA. Had been outdoors for ? Years, unsold due to their sizes, which dictated the pricing of the dozens of dinner plate & tray sizes of most of his wood blanks. Sold those for clock, small tables, plaques, etc. Anyway, they have moved across the country twice with us. Finally found a way to support 1 as The Table in a corner of our living room [@6' x 5']. The 2nd still in garage [@8' x 3>5'], 1 end doglegs a bit to 1 side. The slab isn't much wider but it requires a 'wider' overall rectangular space to lay flat. Told my new bride "will make a great breakfast bar!" She bought that line literally and figuratively in 1976! And she has reminded me of that many times! I burned out 2 electric sanders over the early years trying to smooth 1 of the 2 faces with the original saw marks. LOL! Luckily, both slabs had a relatively smooth face 'for showing'. Unfortunately, I am now too old to manhandle either piece (2) vs (5) people to move since they have dried out. Your video brought back many memories tied to our 'future' Dining Table & Breakfast Bar. Thank you!!
  • Maybe you should have an insect mesh screen on the door and a fly zapper by the door. So flies can't easily get inside and if the do get inside, they will be drawn away from the resin project.
  • @brianeatock4383
    John, I have been impressed with your work for years but that has to be the best looking table I’ve ever seen. Those legs are money.
  • @DrLurk1
    Did you know that you can double click a comment to like it?
  • @colestowing8695
    Fireball welding table...nice! I've drooled over those. That dude makes some quality stuff but kinda pricey...I'm jelly!
  • @Mel_Issa_143
    Great job! And I love that you had Sam doing some of the explaining this time and he seems way more involved since the failed bend table. Great way to bring it back. Happy to see your videos on my FYP again 🎉
  • That has got to be the most gorgeous table I've ever seen in my entire life. And I've watched to many epoxy river table builds on youtube. Absolutely stunning😍😍😍
  • @benwagoner9741
    That looks amazing!!! The legs look amazing!! I think that was a brilliant move to go away from the metal and let the burl wood shine.
  • That table turned out insane! The burl veneer in the legs was absolutely the right choice ❤ Also loving seeing Sam fully exploiting his protected status 😂 the way you guys all handled the inflated internet outrage with grace and humour is awesome to see! 😊
  • @MrCamTuber
    As a hobby guitar builder…PLEASE build a guitar!! I’d love to see your approach to it! (Also, my little tip for tight book matching is jointing the piece while it’s still thick, marking it with a tick mark, and using that as your glue edge post resaw!)
  • 100% love this table, especially how you’ve poured black in a layer on the bottom, leaving the burl edge clear! It’s stunning! Thank you!
  • @OSU2010
    Build a table that has the moon surface that would be dope!
  • @rich9125
    John, try compressed air for removing the epoxy mold. Just shoot some air between the mold and the project and it helps pop out easier
  • Watching these videos gave me the encouragement to refinish the hardwood floors in my house, build a work bench in my garage and begin to plan a hardwood top computer desk. Thank you for these videos!
  • @reecewright3468
    Looks so good, I like that slightly hazy look of the black/clear epoxy. Looks like you're looking down into the depths of the ocean.
  • @DaveGled
    Totally agree. THE best looking piece of furniture I've watched you build to date my friend. Your wife is gonna die when you unveil that in your dining room... Great job to all of you!!!!!!!