who can Defeat Roman Reigns in wwe

Published 2023-05-27

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  • @geetgamer8808
    Roman Reigns Defeated
    John Cena 100 %
    Randy Orton 100 %
    Cody Rhodes 100%
    Rock 100%
    Broke lenacer 100 %
  • Undertaker 100/100
    Brock 100/100
    John 100/100
    Drew 98/100
    Bobby 95/100
    Goldberg 100/100
    Kane 97/100
    Khali 95/100
    Randy 94/100
    Edge 100/100
    Triple h 95/100
    Batista 100/100
    Seth Rollins 81/100
    Big show 85/100
    Austin furi 30/100
    Cody Rhode 69/100
  • @SiwongiweMatross
    I like the fact DREW MCINTYRE is 100% glad to see there's people who still believe his relevant even with management screwing him over
  • @GuhPlayss
    Randy orton 50% jonh cena 50% why the reings gained from him in 2022
  • @arkykocky1676
    Who can defend roman reigns and jonah roy
    Seth rollins Charles finn balor ehge RD rey mysterio. Bray wyatt Matt riddle braun strowman Undertaker kane randy orton cody rhodes brock lesnar Kevin owens sami zayn jimmy uso jey uso bobby lashley goldberg
    King woods Daniel John cena triple h
    Dominik mysterio big e drew mcintyre who is help to clash the castle solo sikoa miz tv
    Who is Defeat Tribe chief roman reigns jonah roy wwe Universal heavyweight championship 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Where the heck is Cody Rhodes?! He should be on here and at 100%, he's stronger than he looks, and heck anyone could beat Roman Reigns if it hadn't been for him needing help from his family.
  • @sadianiaz2682
    So your telling me Austin theory has 0% chance and Dominik has 1% chance?
  • @NamelessMist
    No, Whoever is challenging RR needs Allies in the corner to counter the Bloodline. Anyone in the Roster can do it.
  • Roman will never be defeated, even though he hasn’t been in a match since summer slam
  • If Austin Theory is having no chance, then how on earth is dominik mysterio is having even 1 percent chance
  • @Kaiden64
    I wish I could say the fiend but there is two reasons why I can’t 1. He wouldn’t be able too 2. Everyone knows R.I.P BRAY
  • @aliyanimran1774
    Before drew was about to win but because of jey and Jimmy uso roman won