Surprising Ray At His Graduation!

Published 2024-06-02

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  • @sherakk7320
    Kai acting like an uncle during the graduation had me cracking😭
  • Introducing yourself as Lil Wayne to the Taiwanese man is CRAZZZY 😂
  • @flapdrol75
    Not going to lie, a 20 hour flight for your boys graduation is dedication. I salute that.
  • @Hitmanzay
    Nothing better than seeing 2 people from different countries and cultures being able to ignore differences and instead find things in common. We aren’t so different from each other.
  • @yettabetta
    Kai being the loud, proud black family member at the graduation was everything 😂
  • @FroMoe
    Kai praying on camera is inspiring.
  • @itsnay7382
    conflict with china really can happen any minute so please can we all just say a little prayer for ray lets make sure he gets home safe if anything for his mother
  • Kai literally has the best energy. Cheering like he at a basketball game😂😂
  • @swagfiltr894
    Kai was representing every loud black family at every graduation 😂
  • @sarahdecouto
    everyone in the crowd being silent while Kai is just yelling has me rolling.
  • @BricklyDragon
    People forget that Kai is actually a real person. The first few minutes shows this and it's heartwarming that he is worried for his friend.
  • @TobianThompson
    "What makes you think i rap? Cause im black?" "Yeah" SENT MEEE!!!😂😂😂😂
  • @IvyLumina
    kai screaming at the top of his lungs cheering while everybody mad quiet 😂😂
  • @brooksy3069
    kai a legend, took over the game, and stays on top, no creepy scandals, no actual crimes, dude is worth every dollar he's paid
  • @EddiXP
    Seeing you pray is so nice. We need more of this today. Especially for our youth
  • @blurzral
    this friendship is iconic we gonna miss ray whilst he gone 😢
  • @user-ri8rj7yb5t
    The way he was recording Ray was so boomer coded I'm dead😭😭
  • @itzrachei
    kai was acting like a uncle the whole time in the graduation lmfao 😭
  • @chaoslife6753
    This type of friendship is what we all wanted. W ray and W Kai! Everything is just so genuine in this video.