are you mad at me?

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @IkerUnzu
    how can we be mad at you?! i’m so happy you took this break.
  • @JineoAewo
    I adore how private and intimate this is. It's so nice to watch Emma enjoying a good time with her friends.
  • @charlicoca123
    Emma has really mastered the art of melancholy. There are so many moments in this video that remind me of several scenes from The Graduate - the face fall, the blank stare, the listless sigh. Like Nichols & Hoffman, Emma knows how to capture and almost romanticize those pockets of numbness and ennui we all experience. It's how - even as we watch her move around her multi-million dollar home - we still relate to her.
  • @jellesyare
    I love emma so much. She reminds me to stay alive and really live without even trying. Like just being a human being. She's like a sunday afternoon.
  • @alexmightleave
    seeing the way your cats love you is the best sign to tell you’re a good person
  • @jennychen2162
    This is so nostalgic and no words can describe how comfortable/ peaceful this video makes me feel inwardly
  • @Deflower-me-tap
    i love how intimate yet so private this is. seeing emma having fun and out with her friends is so refreshing
  • @sb9950
    its kind of bittersweet. Because I know were all so proud of how far she's come, like she went from teen YouTuber to celebrity fashion icon; not only while staying true to herself but by transitioning to that status with such grace. I miss the vlogs and the collabs but im also so freaking proud of her. she's been doing so much lately, she deserves the break.
  • @selmagrue7261
    The thing is... We are always expecting that you are on a break, so every time you put out a video, it's a positive surprise. We would much rather that you don't have a schedule - you can make three videos within a month, bc you feel inspired, and then not make anything for the next half year, and we will be with you all the way.
  • videocallvirtualhug01:24 Eu amo essa música,essa batida Milka.yutube.CAMyt🌾49:07 Belíssima
    11:43 Sensualidade em cada movimento
    27:42 Que coisa........
    13:42 maravilhosa ver uma criança
    33:58 preocupado com a preservação da natureza!
    22:43 Lindo de ver!.....
    14:21 Parabéns Eve e Adam, Deus abençoe
  • @addisonstone714
    Emma needs to direct a movie, she would do a great job with the opportunity to use her creative mindset
  • @neralytravels
    I just love how Emma is really a reflection of us that we don’t show to the world lol
  • A 30 minute Emma vlog just set me back 5 years. I just drank an iced coffee made with her coffee brand. I have a scrunchie on my wrist. I’m applying chapstick every 10 minutes.
  • i dont think Emma knows how much it means to all of us that she takes these breaks for herself and has transitioned from edgy trendy teen vlogger to young adult artistic coffee fashion vlogger. her videos feel like they have so much purpose now and like she genuinely loves the videos she puts out, which makes me and plenty of others love these videos even more no matter how sparsely she puts them out. love you so much Emma ❤
  • I usually don’t comment but I have to for you Emma I truly love this style, it brings me nostalgia in a way I can’t even describe. This is the embodiment of a human living human experiences. Thank u
  • @reveebaby
    I can feel like Emma is slowly finding her directorial purpose and it’s something really special. AND THE BACKGROUND MUSIC YALLZ 💜💜💜
  • i love seeing emma happy with her friends. she hasn't shown friends on here in years. so happy to see that she's happy
  • No I'm not mad. AND you just saved the most shittest day and turned it into a phenomenal one. Thank you for your art, we love you!
  • @ajbpvt
    I wish you knew how grateful I am that your podcast exists. I suffer from tinnitus and listen to you EVERY night to help me fall asleep. You're the only person I truly enjoy listening to. You help me cope with stress and you help me not hear this awful ringing that is ruining my life. I owe you so much. It's funny how you're such an important part of my life and you don't even know I exist, haha :) Wishing you the best.