Passenger captures the moment flight was told to "brace for impact"

Published 2018-01-18
"Brace for impact" is something plane passengers never want to hear. But fliers on one American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Dallas heard just that -- and remained calm until they landed safely. Here's what "bracing for impact" looks like.

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All Comments (21)
  • @jdanielo64
    He was recording because he knew the cameraman always survives
  • That is a captain who truly cares. My greatest respects to him.
  • @sealisa1398
    It makes a huge difference when the announcer is calm.
  • @nika4843
    I dont care how calm everyone else is. I would be bawling my eyes out the entire time!
  • I swear this got me so emotional.. Anything that goes wrong on a flight you're on is a hundred times scarier than hearing about it.. I was once on a 2 hour flight on indigo, we took off with very pleasant weather and skies but towards nearing our destination the weather got so bad that we couldnt land nor see anything outside.. It was 2 in the afternoon but it looked like the dead of the night with lightning and rain and very strong winds.. The pilot tried landing at 3 different airports but could not, so we kept circling on top of the clouds for 4 hours.. I knew planes had extra fuel but we were already 6 hours in the sky from the original 2 so I was dead worried.. Luckily I had excruciating pain in my ears due to the pressure buildup and thus distracted me a bit from what was happening.. All I could do was hold on to the seat and pray.. The scene inside the plane was pretty standard,started with confusion-panic-chaos-fear-finally silence and a lot of silent prayers like mine.. God's grace is abundant for He did clear the weather enough for a rough landing.. Kudos to the 2 pilots and cabin crew who tried their best to calm everyone.. Ill never forget every second of those 6 hours
  • it’s so weird how shock works. i haven’t been in something as terrifying as an airplane crash, but i did witness someone i love collapse and start to die in front of me. my first reaction was this feeling of confusion and “is this a joke?” but quickly this eerie sense of calm washed over me and i took control. i could feel everything that you normally feel, but it felt so far away, like i couldn’t reach it, or knew that i couldn’t yet. i only started to panic when all my options had run out. by the way, this person survived and made a full recovery, which doctors described as a “miracle.” :)
  • @smallnuts2
    Tell you the truth, those two flight attendants would give me more anxiety than the actual crash.
  • As a former flight attendant, I can tell you, it is hard to keep fear and stress out of your voice in a high tension moment. We focus more on calm body language than anything. Its nearly impossible to keep stress and fear from your voice, but he did keep his cool. And yes, it's just as terrifying for the attendants as it is for the passengers.
  • @RabbidTribble
    Wow. Well done, all of them!
    This reminds me of what my cousin (pilot) says about flight attendants: people treat them worse than food servers, but their real job is keeping passengers alive in case of a crash. They go through a lot of training and are expected to take on a lot of risk in the event of a catastrophe.
    Treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • The panic in the pilot's voice at first before the landing and the calmness as the passengers listened to him. Then the calmness in his voice after a safe landing and the laughter from the passengers. Strangely heartwarming, ya know?
  • @glubasuar7554
    I started holding my breath without even realizing it. Such a tense moment. But the professionalism of the team and the calmness of all the passengers is very commendable! I'm glad this didn't end in tragedy.
  • Kudos to the flight attendants. Their repetitive "Brace" is the equivalent of EMTs or
    combat medics repeating to someone "Look at me" or "Stay with me". It keeps one from panic, from shock and focused in the here and now.
    It saves lives. These attendants showed their training. Well done.
  • @Alexandra_K_
    My heart has never beat so hard in my entire life.. I am not kidding lol. The absolute silence from the passengers was honestly so chilling to me.. That is the terrifying sound of acceptance. I hope they’re all doing ok, pilot and staff included.
  • @famia1070
    I salute the cabin crew and the pilots for handling this potentially disastrous situation so calmly and so professionally.
    Excellent work 🙏
  • @seheabol
    Oh my gosh I want to cry imagining what they must have felt. Cheers to the flight attendants for keeping everyone safe. Thank God they are okay!
  • @greenbirdbrigade
    Well done to all involved, passengers included. Everyone followed instructions and remained calm.
  • @althor9997
    That was the calmest crowd in an in emergency situation I've ever seen
  • I have been in a situation like this before. It’s amazing how calm people tend to stay. Everyone just follows instructions and hopes for the best. I remember as be were landing the flight attendants in the back yelled “Bend over! Stay down! Bend over! Stay down!” Luckily in my situation nobody was injured and we made it safely but in the moment it was a weird feeling, almost like all of my fear was canceled out and it was more bravery.