Hermitcraft S10#9: Walking To The Horizon

Published 2024-07-08

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  • @xisumavoid
    Dang, using a shulker box contents for score is brilliant!
  • Etho: creates frogger in Minecraft Also Etho: Abork, final answer
  • @BlameItOnGreg
    This is why Bdubs and Etho playing on the same server is so good. Bdubs makes a silly little scaffolding game to try and drum up business at his shop, and that somehow leads to Etho making “Decked Out: Arcade Mode”.
  • "worst ever bug took me a whole day to resolve" *Cries in software developer* 😭
  • @solagovideos
    One does not walk, but SPRINT ON ALL FOURS on a new Etho upload.
  • @GramaKilrZ
    The setup in this video runs the risk of people casually respawning into the game. You should have a publicly accessible bed near the exit. It may be better to somehow force people to set their spawn in an outside-the-game location, before exiting into the shop. Alternatively, you could make an emergency exit for people stuck respawning at the in-game bed.
  • “Abork” A welsh greeting for someone who’s shoe is untied! Tell ALL your friends!
  • @poppy2407
    ‘thank you for the upload king’ we chant in unison
  • @haunteddirt
    For the roof of your house, you could replace every other purpur with a black block to make a chequerboard of black and purple, like the missing texture texture, thereby having a roof and 'not having' a roof (because it's without a texture) at the same time :)
  • @liekkivalas
    the duality of etho: on one hand an insane attention to detail and hermitproofing every aspect of the frogger game, on the other, failing at wordle despite cheating, and landing on 'abork'
  • @evansaschow
    I miss the Etho noteblock era, I’m always happy when it comes back in any way
  • @AdVantage22
    A single tear rolls down my face. Etho has uploaded. All is well.
  • I appreciate Etho's dedication to idiot-proofing and QA testing his games. there's always so many failsafes to make sure that if someone doesn't read the rules or if they bring outside items in with them, the game will still function. There is no burden on the player to "play along" and follow the rules themselves or keep themselves honest, the game has hard boundaries that PREVENT you from breaking it even if you try.
  • Normal hermits: to start this game put your items in the box and set your respawn Etho: Just walk and I will make sure you have the perfect health and don't even have to turn around
  • I moved out recently and I just realized, I decorated my house like an etho build. Lots of light natural wood, sandstone colors for upholstery, with green accents and houseplants. I love it
  • @SketchyNPC
    I love that all this essentially came from Bdubs making a silly climbing game at the back of his shop
  • @mycornia
    Seeing you finally finish frogger after like 10 years of trying in both modded and vanilla Minecraft is fantastic!
  • "First we head to the Frogger game!" My man has his priories set!