I Tested Viral Shark Carving Table Again!

Published 2024-07-07
I Build A Table With A SHARK!

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All Comments (21)
  • The ripple carving in the water absolutely made the difference. Great project!
  • My favorite part of this was all the shots and references to the other shark table rather than keeping it hidden. You exposed your growth as a woodworker/builder which, as a viewer who is also a woodworker/builder, means a lot. You never pretend to be perfect yet you use what you've learned help all your viewers grow with you. Great work to the whole team!
  • @RaptorJesus
    I was 110% sure you were gonna mess it up with the attempts at the ripples, but you nailed it. They really do bring the whole thing together perfectly.
  • @WantedVisual
    I vote we combine the "all animal epoxy tables all the time" idea with the "head popping out" idea and am gonna say... Hippo table.
  • @YouTube
    just in time for shark week! 🦈
  • SUUUHHHH-WEEET! Very nicely done. AND, as a scuba diver, I know EXACTLY what you need to do with that table. You need to donate it to a scuba shop (there are a some good ones near you), maybe in exchange for some intro diving lessons. Your "trade" would expose a local business to the world AND give us all a chance to watch you "shenanigize" an amazing experience that all of the guys in your shop should try. Don't worry though. Those lessons are given in a pool...very safe, but so "squirrelly-izable".
  • @ToshaDCary
    I was not convinced that the carving would work and I was so wrong. The ripples look amazing and really make the whole piece work. Top stuff.
  • @TIoerSoec
    I am a shark fan and loved the last one you did. You stepped up your game on this one. The ripple effect was well worth your time. I can not wait to see the next one you do. Keep up the awesome work guys!!!!
  • Your best Great White Porpoise Table yet !!!! The ripples made it all more realistic, good addition.
  • @jonnyboris
    I was not convinced that the carving would work and I was so wrong. The ripples look amazing and really make the whole piece work. Top stuff. 🤘
  • @TheRealUmlat
    Florida Alligator .... That would be SWEEEEEEEET!!!!
  • @thepagan5432
    Definitely an improvement on number 1. The same looks really good and makes it pop. My only critique is that the shark looks too symmetrical, it needs to show movement within the shark. Sharks twist and bend in the water, which obviously makes your job harder. Good post, entertaining. 👍
  • @Hewdino
    My daughters love the dolphin table! They want to know if you can do a unicorn table next! 🤣 seriously though, looks awesome 👏👏👏
  • @YunielRuane
    I adore sharks and thought your previous one was fantastic. On this one, you really up your game. Your time was well spent on the ripple effect. I am forward to see what you accomplish with the next one. Guys, keep up the fantastic work!