Eminem - Houdini [Official Music Video]

Published 2024-05-30
Eminem - Houdini
Listen: eminem.lnk.to/Houdini



Director: Rich Lee
Director of Photography: Chris Probst
Producers: Justin Diener, Kathy Angstadt, Lisa Arianna
Production Company: Synapse
Finishing: Flawless Post

AI by Metaphysic
Supervisors: Jo Plaete & Chris Ume


Music video by Eminem performing Houdini. © 2024 Marshall B. Mathers III


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  • @user-yj7fs5fi4u
    Eminem got so tired of winning beefs.. so now he's fighting himself
  • @Jaestarrrr
    Everyone can finally stop accusing Eminem of being slim shady now. Here they are both in the same room
  • @anaxibia.
    2002: Slim Shady 2018: Eminem 2024: Sliminem
  • @Gamilaraay
    I can't believe this only came out 2 weeks ago it feels like I've listened to it my whole life
  • @BadBoy-cb4fv
    New Em trying to stop Old Em from getting them cancelled is actually the funniest album concept I've ever heard.
  • @vanoedits6688
    I guess Eminem is the only rapper who can get away with dissing Eminem's kids
  • THIS IS SO NOSTALGIC!! the music video. The lyrics. The beats. YET so different. I LOVE IT.
  • @_Cinexa_
    2002 : Slim Shady 2020 : Eminem 2024 : Eminem ft. Slim shady
  • @gibraltar4841
    I can't believe eminem managed to get a feature with eminem
  • @HipHopUniverse
    Never thought I'd see Em & Dre in a lambo again lmao, the nostalgia 🔥🔥🔥
  • @user-ft8no7be6g
    Eminem has risen from where ever the hell he was. Welcome back shady
  • @BLGHA
    There is a reason why this got 78 million views in 2 weeks, it is listened to by 3 different generations, it features Slim and Em, it recreates parts of old songs, its the first song of his album, which he hasn’t made an album in over 3 years, and last of all, its Eminem.
  • @6Foot4Honda
    omg the blonde slim brings back so many memories 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
  • @ConnieGrid
    The amount of old song references are utterly nuts.
  • @Kid37945
    Bro is 50 and he is still rapping like he's is in his prime😂😢
  • @luhdb2260
    I put my baby to sleep every day to this music, hoping he'll get Eminem's flow and street cred.