HIGHLIGHTS | SOUTH AFRICA v IRELAND | July Internationals 2024 | First Test

Published 2024-07-06
HIGHLIGHTS | SOUTH AFRICA v IRELAND | July Internationals 2024 | First Test

Following a massive build-up to their clash in Pretoria, back-to-back Rugby World Cup champions the Springboks maintained the title of the world’s top-ranked rugby side with a thrilling win over Ireland.


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  • @djboydanny
    1st of all well done South Africa beating Ireland , I'm Irish and predicted SA by 10, The match had it all, and to see SA play out through the backs and the little kick troughs, just shows what a world class outfit they are, no shame loosing to SA by a converted try especially after their mammoth defense, I just love rugby and can't wait until next week, SA and Ireland please deliver another great game !!
  • Respect to the channel for not putting the score in the title or thumbnail. Some of us were working and couldn't follow the match or didn't have access to a live stream. Thank you, we appreciate it.
  • It feels good to see the Southern Hemisphere Trio win this weekend. Way to go to our South African brothers from Australia 👊
  • It’s an absolute pleasure to host Ireland. They have a great rugby culture and their fans are awesome to hang out with after the game. Come and enjoy our country and hospitality. I had an amazing time watching rugby in Ireland and can’t wait for this rivalry to grow over time. May the Irish team keep growing their legacy. 🇿🇦
  • @Davidvx1468
    Kurt-lee arendse stepped that fullback so bad he was on his knees praying to the Lord😂
  • @rubeng3
    Props to the crowd for cheering when Kwagga Smit successfully claimed the ball at kick off😂
  • @orfan-ZAR
    The way Chelson Kobe can read the game is incredible. I hope the next generation learns from him
  • @tsvd4256
  • This should be redefined as the Springboks highlights. There were two disallowed tries from Ireland, both went to TMO and the first one specifically was a brilliant try, worth seeing the skill and the decision which was knife edge. Saying that SA were worth their victory, specifically from first half. Much looking forward to next week.
  • @sk-23.
    From an Irish persepctive, it's fair to say we were disappointed by some of our missed tackles leading to scores and some of the individual performances were maybe not up to par, but in all honesty anything other than your very best will not be enough against SA nine times out of ten. But playing the World Champions in their backyard and competing for victories or trophies is where we want to be, and we should be proud that we've brought Irish Rugby to a place where we're rarely out of the top 3 in the world rankings. Congrats South Africa. You're a class act, and it's a pleasure to watch you play any team. And I guess we'll see you next weekend and hope that we can tie the test and come away with a victory in Durban. Either way, whoever wins next weekend it will be a well earned victory. Well done again SA.
  • The unfinished business was finished yesterday...well done Springboks from your neighbor 🇿🇼
  • Lord God Almighty !!!... South African here... That first try from the Irish was the epitome of rugby finesse... 🎉... Just Beautiful...
  • @thespyk
    I watched this match in a pub here in Cork. The local lads were great hosts. I never felt that this match was decided until the last minute. The 7 point difference doesn't mean much as it could have gone either way with two of the calls being decided by mere fractions of a second. Well done both team for giving is a great match with a load of respect both ways.
  • Chessy was super fast. Crazy his sprinting. But nice to finally get the losing streak to Ireland off ours backs.
  • @tclrsons9272
    South Africa are going to be tough to beat in the championship tournament coming up. Well done Boks 👏 look forward to seeing if our ABs can match the intensity 👌🇳🇿
  • L'Afrique du sud ils ont quand même des super pouvoirs! Fracasser les irlandais en mêlée comme ça, une défense tellement agressive, un Kolbe sous crack qui va à mag 2... on sait pourquoi ils sont champions du monde!
  • Been looking forward to this game since the Irish beat us at the World Cup.. high intensity and a great fight back by the Irish. Well done Bokke, some great touches and class. Kriel has really got a second wind to his career that was struggling a bit a few years back, playing great rugby. Can't wait for next weekend. I think it will be even tougher.
  • @tongatau
    I’m an All Blacks fan and No team is beating this SA team. Too strong 💪🏾 too good 👍🏾