Man explains why he opened door mid-flight

Published 2023-05-29

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  • @obviousness8113
    On several occasions I have had bad claustrophobia and anxiety on airplanes. I resorted to breathing and calming techniques that I've learned over the years. I understand HOW he got to the point where he did what he did, but he still committed a crime by doing it.
  • @isseimills9830
    Not to make light of his situation but he’s in for a hard 10 years if he’s that claustrophobic 😰
  • Man, look. I understand mental health is an issue but… my man endangered an entire aircraft. He’s a detriment to society after that.
  • @Materialgirl_3
    I will not judge this man because I don’t know what he’s been through or what he was going through that day. I’m just happy that everyone survived on that plane. I hope that he is able to receive the help that he desperately needs
  • @FTC12
    There’s no explanation to it but a unstable person. My question 🙋‍♂️ if this person didn’t feel comfortable in the first place then why would they travel on a plane makes no sense. Now they have to face their own consequences smh 🤦‍♂️. What has society come too.
  • I'm not going to speak bad about him or laugh at him, but I will say. I hope he recovers from whatever he is going through.
  • @bassfischer4273
    10 years doesn't sound nearly enough. He arguably put every life on that flight in mortal danger. If, for instance, the door had detached and sheared off or substantially damaged one of the horizontal stabilizers on the tail, the plane could've gone down.
  • @AM-143
    Such a scary thing to experience. Thankfully, nobody was hurt! Definitely could have been a tragedy for everyone on the plane! Hopefully, not only will he do 10 years but also be banned from getting on an airplane ever again!
  • @annajackson1443
    I feel sorry for him but he really has messed up in Korea they don't tolerate that kind of behavior it's over for him
  • @RelvazPvP
    I've been saying this could happen for years, people really don't understand panic,panic disorders,phobias and anxiety
  • @ThuNguyen-um5qq
    It could have gone really really wrong. The plane was landing( the most important stage of flight). The door was able to be opened because low altitude and cabin pressure. The wheels were down. Often time you might feel it( along with a chime and light directing to the exit doors) That means the exits are ready if there’s an emergency. Think about, once he opened the door, the slide was most likely flapping around as the plane was still flying. The door could have broken off. The slide or the door could have gotten tangled with the wheels or sucked into the engines WHILE the plane wasn’t on the ground and came to a stop yet. if that had happened, i dont know if the pilot would have enough time to react since the plane was so close to touch down already. or even if they did, what was gonna happen next. i dont even want to know.😥
  • @oggoose4205
    I have major claustrophobia and my first time flying the only thing that was nerve racking was ascending for so long it feels like your ears are never going to stop popping but once you’re at a steady altitude (above the clouds) it’s very peaceful
  • @barry1902
    Ive suffered from claustraphobia and panic attacks (brought on by vitamin d deficiency) and i can vouch for how horrible they are. I would however prefer it to crashing a plane and dying.
  • @magnumpi8097
    I'm surprised no one stopped him from opening the door.
  • @24fletchdog
    That's impressive that pilots were still able to land that plane like that must be really skilled pilots
  • @Random-xw1fg
    To me the scary part is that aeroplanes doors are accessible and that easy to open by any deranged person when in air.
  • @DamienAlexander
    I think calling in a stewardess wirh the button would be easier than spending 10 years in prison.
  • @wolfshield469
    I literally read the headlines yesterday for the first time of this story as my darn plane was about to take off in 10 mins. I was like "really Google, right now you decide to show me this story" 🤦🏽
  • @tat2man70
    I think the better question would be how is he allowed to open the door on a flying aircraft!! I thought those things locked when the plane was in flight