Passenger arrested for opening emergency exit door 850 feet in the air l GMA

Published 2023-05-26

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  • @Cappellano
    The man gambled with 194 lives. He deserves a serious punishment. Bravo to the pilot and crew for handling this worst case scenario situation. You are heroes
  • @Absorbing146
    The ride of a life time they will never forget
  • @wendyd1996
    This crazy person should be banned for life to take any planes!
  • @christian77
    I feel like since covid happened, people have gone crazier, stupider, ruder, and more entitled.
  • @RizzYourMother
    He should get way more than 10 years. He put everyone life at risk and I can only imagine the trauma some of these people faced.
  • @RoseNZieg
    10 years? 12 people had to go to the hospital. I hope each one of them pursue their own criminal and civil case against him.
  • @Just-Princess
    I've flown on that airline (it's great) when I was living in Seoul. The 2 passengers we can see next to the open door seem to managing it fairly well. The man sitting who opened it is out of frame. Thank God nobody was seriously harmed.
  • @celebrityrog
    Emergency doors are pressurized and can’t be opened in the air unless the cabin isn’t pressurized at all. Which might be why at 800 feet this was possible. Ban him from ever flying on any airline again. That means even back to his own home nation. Boats still work.
  • @JayBenjaminx
    Is it harder to land a plane when the pressure is like that and the door's open? Those passengers looked really calm to me. I would have been freaking out. Good job to the pilot and staff.
  • @jaystone_3221
    Omg wow, I'm speechless. I know those passengers in that row now have permanent PTSD. Hopefully, they all are okay
  • @metime4325
    Those two guys sitting right next to the exit... I bet they'll never book their seats next to the doors ever again.
  • @stanford-nf4jk
    There’s ALWAYS that one person who wants to be the first off the plane!
  • @katiem4539
    Why do people endanger others like this!??? Ruin a whole flight and their own lives
  • @Towert7
    Props to who ever designed that door. It survived!!!!!!
  • @nubz8733
    There should be a universal no fly list