Paradox Pokemon Battle Royale! 🌌 Collab with @Gnoggin

Published 2024-07-05
Ever wonder which Paradox Pokemon would win in a battle royale? Well we're booting the simulator up again! Be sure to check out Lockstin's Analysis Video after!:    • Paradox Pokemon BATTLE ROYALE! 💥 Expl...
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Research, Writing and David Attenborough Impression by Lockstin
   / @gnoggin

Animatic, Animation, Backgrounds, Character Design, Coloring, Lineart, VFX, Sound Design, Editing by Jeremey Chinshue

Backgrounds, VFX, Compositing by Edgar Nielsen

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All Comments (21)
  • @The_Zame
    So glad you used my music for this one! this was awesome!
  • @Glace_cakes
    I like how half the paradox mon are just vibing, having fun, and then the competitively viable ones immediately choose nuclear warfare
  • @A_Gamer12511
    Pour one out for Iron Bundle, makes sense that he's made out of steel, since his balls are made out of TITANIUM. Out of everyone left, he walks up to the LEGENDARY and TAUNTS IT... makes sense he has the voice of a Battle Droid. Another comedic, yet awesome, masterpiece, TerminalMontage!
  • Iron crown the whole tournament: "I stay still so they don't see me"
  • @Gnoggin
    HYPE AS EVER! Was a pleasure to be a part of this once again!
  • @romelenleg
    4:57 Koraidon roared back INSTANTLY, my guy was taking no disrespect from that mf
  • "Laughs in UBER" is probably one of the funniest captions I ever seen in a TerminalMontage video. And boy, there is A LOT of good ones. PS: Why on earth do you have to be so broken Flutter Mane ? Edit: I had no idea that editing a comment removes the likes from it (I lost Terminal like because of it ) ):
  • 1:08 as a competitive pokemon player, "screams in OU" is completely accurate Roaring Moon is so annoying
  • @cadejoalyx45
    My headcannon is that Flutter Mane is Gengar’s older, unhinged sister in this battle royale
  • @gustaniny9438
    4:10 Initiating growling SFX: G r r r r r r r r r r r r r r is truly one of the best things I ever heard from a Pokémon
  • @yoshiflash579
    Rankings, plus how and when they died. #22: Brute Bonnet: Slammed into spores by Koraidon 0:45 #21: Iron Juglis: Jump-scared and pummeled by Iron Thorns 1:20 #20: Iron Thorns: Slashed apart by Roaring Moon 2:30 #19: Iron Valiant: Stunned and torn apart by Scream Tail 3:02 #18 and #17: Slither Wing and Great Tusk: Run over by Koraidon and Miraidon 3:40 #16: Iron Treads: Killed by Sandy Shocks Magnetic force 3:50 #15 Iron Moth: Squished by debris caused by Sandy Shocks 3:56 #14: Sandy Shocks: Sliced in half by Iron Leaves 4:04 #13: Iron Hands: Bashed by Gouging Fire 4:23 #12 and #11: Walking Wake and Raging Bolt: Thrown into the dome by Iron Leaves, Iron Crown, and Iron Boulder 4:52 #10 and #9: Koraidon and Roaring Moon: Slammed in the dome by Roaring Moon 5:13 #8, #7 and, #6: Iron Leaves, Iron Crown, and Iron Boulder: Crushed by debris caused by Roaring Moon 5:20 #5: Gouging Fire: Drowned in the flood caused by Roaring Moon 5:26 #4, #3, and #2: Scream Tail, Iron Bundle, and Miraidon: Wiped out by Flutter Mane 8:03 #1: The winner is Flutter Mane 8:12 Kill Amounts: Iron Thorns: 1 Scream Tail: 1 Gouging Fire: 1 Sandy Shocks: 2 Miraidon: 2 Iron Crown: 2 Iron Boulder: 2 Koraidon: 3 Iron Leaves: 3 Flutter Mane: 3 Roaring Moon: 7
  • @glitchexcity
    Flutter Mane having a different laugh track everytime always gets me
  • @juubi249
    Love that Terminal made that 1 point of speed difference between Iron Bundle and Miraidon look like the biggest difference in the world
  • @Hunter_6430
    giving iron bundle a B1’s vocabulator is the single greatest thing you could have possibly done for this video
  • That final battle is genuinely some of the coolest animation I've ever seen music, timing, composition and action wise. I've replayed it like ten times at this point because of how well executed it is.
  • I just realised that the sound of Scream Tail emerging from the Masterball at 1:35 is the sound of hitting someone with “rest” in Super Smash Bros. Terminal Montage is great at adding so many subtle references.
  • @chaomalo9445
    Petition to get an alternate ending where screamtail/fluttermane uses perish song and they all faint simultaneously
  • @bluevern904
    Never in my whole life I’d have believed Misdreavus, Delibird and Jigglypuff would’ve been able to stand against a legendary Pokemon
  • The attention to small details in all TerminalMontage animations always make these feel so much more than silly and fun videos and make it more noticeable that these are passion projects from people who CARE about what they're making content referencing. Everything from the music and sound coordination, including sound coordination for comedic effect and jokes, to the choreography and writing, to the background elements, to the fluidity of the action to the actual logic and physics to the pretend magical physics and logic to the attention to in-universe lore details to the inclusion of meta jokes and meta commentary from our universe. These aren't just productions made by people who want to hop on popular trends and bandwagons to profit off of easy attention and a stupid and large superficial audience that isn't actually invested in what they consume.