To take root Among the Stars

Published 2023-06-12 Link

To take root Among the Stars is a short narrative platformer.

Play as Mei Hashimoto, one of the colonists send to an exoplanet to prepare it for the arrival of the rest of humanity.

Explore the colony and its surrounding flora and fauna. Talk to your fellow colonists and send a message to earth via the relay station at the top of the nearby mountain.

To take root Among the Stars was developed by Simon Klein.

While they made a variety of different games in the past, this is their first foray into a narrative focused game.

It was developed in the span of about one and a half months using Pico-8, a virtual Fantasy Console by Lexaloffle.

Thanks to the folks on the Pico-8 discord for help fitting the whole game into the limited space, and @Gruber_Music for their excellent introductory music tutorials.