The Test of Insanity

Published 2024-07-08

“Am I going insane?”

It’s a question we keep hearing from our colleagues who’ve been grinding 24/7 at their jobs. To answer that question, we decided to come up with The Test of Insanity.

With a mix of twisted puzzles, brain-teasing quizzes, and mind-bending mini-games, The Test of Insanity will test the very limits of your brain. Whether you’re a genius or an influencer, a billionaire or the person they just fired, whoever you are, you can be sure of one thing: The Test of Insanity will challenge your mind to the core, in ways you’ve never been challenged before.


⭐ Math Problems

⭐ Word Puzzles

⭐ Trivia

⭐ Skill Tests

⭐ Squirrels

⭐ And More...

From math problems and word puzzles to trivia and skill tests, this puzzle game offers a diverse range of brain challenges that will keep you hooked. Inspired by the infamous Impossible Quiz, our game requires you to think outside the box and embrace the ridiculous.

Question is: How far will you go before going insane? Most don’t pass level 1.

Play through all 10 levels in this demo, and get the full 50 levels version on Steam!