The Newgrounds Bug Collab

Published 2024-07-04

Welcome to the Newgrounds Bug Collab! Walk right into our virtual "zoo" of critters, featuring exhibits created by over 60 different newgrounders. Explore a diverse array of bugs - from the big and small, to the green and blue, from biters to crawlers, we even gotB̸͕̰̩̀͋̒̀̕͝ ̸̨̨̮͆̀̉̄͌̏U̸͇̲͓̜͖̰̔ ̵͔̦̪̤͓͇̿͒̾G̴̥̥̾̄̅͗̈͠ ̶̖̤̫̭̻͈͊̈́̉͘S̵̥͝͝. Discover each bug's story through interactive terminals (placed next to each containment unit) and dive into the creative minds of the contributing artists. This collab is a labor of love, so we hope you enjoy this experience!


WASD or Arrow Keys - move

ENTER - Interact

SHIFT - Sprint

CRTL - Pause

Q (When Viewing a Terminal) - Open Author Page

If you encounter stutter-y audio, that is a Godot Engine issue! Just mute sound or refresh and pray. Its difficult to replicate so if you find a way to consistently trigger it, please report it!

Showcase game credits are in-game!

source code coming soon ! !!