*Scrambles Your Calculator*

Published 2024-07-04

Navigate a random set of calculator keys and punch in the right numbers before time runs out!!

It's a little weird! But I'm sure you can manage!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You can also use a RIGHT CLICK to toggle between Adding/Multiplying, if you prefer!)


I set out to make this one as simple a game as possible so that my first foray into also posting things onto phones(!!) wouldn't be too taxing an experience. NATURALLY THOUGH I got a little obsessed when it came to double checking the little things and generally learning a lot of the phone game know-how thaaat I kinda ended up spending about the same amount of time making this I normally do anyway for my projects! And for something so small, too.....

Owell~! I think it came out GREAT! Nice and simple! Cute and satisfying!

You'd better think the same!!!!!


• PaperDawN for the Art

• Grayson Solis forthe Audio