Say Cheese

Published 2024-06-30

How to Play



Gameplay Details

  • Finite People Per Level: Each level has a finite predetermined number of imposters and non-imposters.
  • Checkpoints: A checkpoint is marked with a yellow-black checkered flag. If you lose a level, you will return to the last checkpoint reached, or restart the game if no checkpoint was reached. Run stats, including accuracy and time, will be retained when returning to a checkpoint.

Criteria Types

  • Any: Eliminate any person who matches at least one of the markers.
  • All: Eliminate any person who matches all of the listed markers.


  • WASD / Arrow Keys: Navigate Game + Main Menu
  • Esc / E: Pauses and opens settings in game
  • Scroll: Zooms in game


Step into the role of a secret police officer in a dystopian future. Unhappiness is illegal and punishable by vaporization


  • Monitor live feeds to spot suspects that match the "Any" or "All" criteria in the top left of the screen.
  • Identify all imposters within each scene.


  • Complete 10 levels of rising difficulty.
  • Be cautious: Any mission failure leads to your vaporization.


  • Earn medals and recognition for your skillful performance!


@UnitedFailures: Programming, Misc

@MrAozora: Music, UI, SFX, Misc

@27mth: Art, UI

@Kiy0shi2099: Art, UI