Bug Off!

Published 2024-06-21

iu_1224777_22690151.pngA shy but hopeful beetle steps on the dancefloor to dance the night away in the company of groovy bugs. Will they vibe? Or will they Bug Off?

Available NOW for Web, Android, Windows and​ MacOS!

Play here on NEWGROUNDS, Download on itch.io!


Bug Off is an adorable rhythm game where you need to mirror your partner's dance moves through a series of on-tempo taps & swipes (on touchscreen devices) or masterful keystrokes (on keyboard devices).



Bug Off is a 1st semester project in Game Production within the HAW Games Master program.


Adnan Akhtar –  Godot Programmer & Awareness Team

Adrian Colmenares   –  2D Artist & Bug Engineers

Sebastian Hagen Ziemann   –  3D Artist & Environment Designer

Alessandro Piroddi   –  Game Designer & Designated Driver

Felix Swimmer   –  Godot Programmer & Ice Breaker

Special Thanks to Clara Moretzsohn, our Lovely DJ and Beat Organizer!


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