Magli Draelyn the Half-Dragon Mage

Published 2024-06-17

I highly recommend using a gamepad if you have one!



Magli Draelyn the Half-Dragon Mage (AKA Dragon Mage) is a singleplayer 2D platformer where you control a character who can switch between two contrasting movesets.



Magli: A timid, knowledgeable mage who tends to keep her distance from other people. She hides her destructive dragon powers from others for fear of being rejected for who she truly is. Magli's controls are intuitive and familiar for platforming newcomers and veterans alike, and she moves at a steady, controllable pace. When Magli’s dragon powers are unleashed, she becomes…


Draelyn: A bolder, sassier side of Magli who lets her true colors burn brightly as a dragon! To clarify, her mage name is Magli while her dragon name is Draelyn (she has two first names because of this--don't think too hard about it...). Draelyn's controls can come off as complex and somewhat unorthodox to first-time players, and her speed tends to fluctuate between being either too sluggish or too fast to wrangle at first.


While it may be intimidating to learn the quirks of practically two different characters at once, the key to mastering Magli Draelyn's movement is to switch between her mage and dragon powers to fit the situation and to combine moves from each moveset for maximum speed--that's where her true potential shines, but she has yet to realize it... least until one unfortunate, yet fateful, encounter.


Magli Draelyn's adventure begins when she and her boyfriend, Knigel, get kidnapped and imprisoned by dragon mobsters working for the Dragon Syndicate, a group of criminals stationed in the city of Drakageau who steal and horde magical spells and artifacts for their own malicious use! Lately, they've also been kidnapping people of various magical races and siphoning their magic. Magli and Knigel were unfortunate enough to get ambushed by some Dragoons working for the Dragon Syndicate during a nightly outing together, and to make matters worse, Knigel get reverted to a smaller size once he was found out to be a fairy and had his magic siphoned! Determined to keep her longtime friend safe and somehow return him to his normal state, Magli must now use her dragon powers to escape, but at the cost of being a much more valuable target for the Dragon Syndicate...


  • Arrow Keys / D-Pad / Left Stick: Move
  • Z Key / Bottom Face Button: Jump
  • X Key / Left Face Button: Attack
  • C Key / Right Shoulder Button: Switch between Mage/Dragon Form
  • D Key / Right Face Button: Use Fairy Ability
  • Left Shift / Left Shoulder Button: Crouch
  • Left Ctrl / Left Trigger: Short Glide (Magli), Ledge Snap (Draelyn)
  • Spacebar / Top Face Button: Interact
  • Escape Key / START: Pause Menu


  • Characters, pixel art, sprites, tiles, writing, animations, programming, and level design by me: Kaysun!


You may or may not have seen this game on my, but I've recently decided to upload it to Newgrounds just to see how it would perform on a different platform. For the uninitiated, this is a little pet project game I've been working on since October of 2022, and I'm mainly putting it out there to see what people think about it while also adding a few changes and new additions every few or more months. I'm always seeking ways to improve this game, so feel free to comment on what you liked, disliked, or any suggestions for future improvements.

Have fun!

-Kaysun (JKSun22)