Published 2024-06-13


You are Stickyfoot, a squishy sewer creature who dreams of escaping to the surface world. Leap and dodge through a host of dangerous levels to escape the sewer and bask in the sunny, flowery fields above!

A short, challenging puzzle-jumper in the vein of Chip’s Challenge, Tomb of the Mask, and Pac-Man. Do you have what it takes to beat the gauntlet?


How to Play

Arrow Keys: Move

Z/X: Self-destruct

Enter: Pause/menu

Collect all coins in each level to win. There are 56 unique levels to beat!

Aim for the target score to get a gold trophy. Beat every target speed to prove you’re the best!

Select any level at any time. No unlocking required!

When you take damage, you receive a time penalty, but are immediately placed at the point of your last safe jump.

Select Gauntlet mode for the ultimate challenge. Beat all the levels in one go and shoot for a best time!



Andrew Reist: Programming, Game Design, Art, Music

Playtesters: Jake, Kristin, Laine, ghettobastler, northide