Pico Rubber 2024

Published 2024-05-18

Happy Pico day 2024. This project was made in under 4 hours. It is nothing revolutionary by any means but should fill that need for some basic incremental game one of you guys have.

To mute the loop, click the mute button. To get started with scoreboards and the medals. click the NG tank icon. To go fullscreen for some reason, click that fullscreen button.

Came to the idea of the game from seeing a Pico Clicker get published today. Thought to myself - "A clicker in 2024? I've not re-made my rubbing series in years!" so here we are. Check out their project for what's probably a more polished experience in the incremental game genre.

Pico's big ol' face by CayFettArt:

Gunshot sound clips come from freesound.org. See profile here: https://freesound.org/people/Xenonn/

Other music, audio, and sounds imported from an on-going Trivial Trivia project.

Most code ported from a Trivial Trivia project Kabobble and I are working on. That's why it may look a lil different than my usual style.

LATE NIGHT EDIT 5/18: Added a new bottom pop-up to display to let you know how to get medals and leaderboards working. This notice will also display when scores are submitted (which is also when medal eligibility is checked)

5/29 EDIT: Wowzers this got front paged?! Thanks Tom!

Go look at @ElRandomGMD. He made a clicker for pico day that made me want to make a rubber for pico day.

thanks for the many plays & the 3.5+ rating. If you like this game feel free to drop a comment or PM me on what you like and don't like! I didn't expect this game to do this well and if there's enough interest I'll plan to spin up a new incremental/idle game!