The Chosen One Tournament Teaser - $5000 Prize Pool

Published 2023-11-13

Newgrounds News Post (More info here!) -

🔸JOIN THE DISCORD and go to the "DOJO RANKS" section to submit your portfolio and qualify (You must be ranked Shinobi or higher to qualify for the tournament) -

🔸 $5000 starting prize pool

🔸 Industry level judges: Weilin Zhang, Howard Wimshurst, Telepurte, Miccool, Juny

🔸 Only one round / one animation to submit

🔸 Top 7 will win the prize pool money & other prizes to be announced

🔸 Official prompt, rules, and announcement to be revealed on December 1st

🔺Special thanks to Telepurte, Alan Becker, and Vograce for sponsoring this years prize pool!